Category B02. Brand Collateral
Name Company Position
Ilkay Gurpinar TBWA Istanbul CCO
Arkin Kahyaoglu TBWA\ISTANBUL Creative Director
Ela Bilgisel TBWA\ISTANBUL Deputy General Manager
Ufuk Isik TBWA\ISTANBUL Creative Group Head
Onder Dündar TBWA\ISTANBUL Art Director
vehbi bozdag TBWA\ISTANBUL Copywriter
birgul çavusoglu TBWA\ISTANBUL Brand Manager
evrim Saraçoglu TBWA\ISTANBUL head of production
Dilan Davutoplu TBWA\ISTANBUL Agency Producer
Hakan Kurucu TBWA\ISTANBUL Special Effects Computer Grafics


Theatre Hours, a newly opened acting school based in Istanbul, needed a brand identity. The brief was simple: "Build a brand identity that reflects the soul of theatre." Our objective was to design a unique identity system that consists a new logo, brand collateral, architectural design elements, promotional items and communication materials. Since Theatre Hours is a newly formed organization without any financial support, we had a limited budget and our aim was to collect as many applications as possible for ongoing courses.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

Theatre Hours is an acting school, so we designed an identity system that can act. The design idea is based on the notion of ‘Becoming someone else’ which reflects the real soul of theatre. In the unique alphabet created for the identity, every character acts as another character. (e.g. "b" acts as "d", "N" acts as "Z", "C" acts as "U") These transformed letters and numbers create such a typographic performance that they naturally convey the message of becoming others in all brand collateral and communication materials.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

The design idea of Acting Identity is based on the alphabet. First of all we created an alphabet that consists of letters and numbers that act like another letter or number. Then we created our logo by using the acting alphabet. Brand collateral items also acts like other things. Letterhead as a paper plane, business card as a bookmark etc. Also we designed some promotional items in this matter. Same formula used in posters, architectural executions and social media contents. Since we wanted to keep the focus on typography and the transformation of the items, we only used black and white in Acting Identity.

List the results (20% of vote)

The Acting Identity achieved to meet the needs of brief and simply reflected the soul of theatre. Number of applications to the courses in Theatre Hours increased 20% right after the launch of new brand identity.