Category F02. Environmental / Social Impact
Idea Creation BOB THE ROBOT Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Tuukka Paikkari Bob the Robot Creative
Miska Rajasuo Bob the Robot CEO
Karolus Viitala Bob the Robot Oy CEO, Bob the Robot Pictures
Anu Igoni Bob the Robot Creative Director
Helmi Korpinen Bob the Robot Creative
Antti Saarela Bob the Robot Account Manager
Iiris Ojanen Bob the Robot Oy Graphic Designer
Minna-Maria Läntinen Mrs. or Ms. Account Director
Kaija Rossi Bob the Robot Head of Client Group
Jussi Pekkala Bob the Robot Oy Creative


The Finnish laundry detergent manufacturer Serto has renewed the formula of its liquid detergents, making them more concentrated and eco-friendlier. By making the detergent more concentrated, less plastic packaging is used, and the product’s shipping costs and carbon footprint are also reduced. The problem is that the new small package costs the same as the old, larger package. We had to communicate to consumers that a smaller amount of detergent is enough for a wash of the same size. Serto also wanted to renew its brand in the process. The new brand set out to communicate Serto’s efficiency and eco-friendliness.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

We noticed that people were under the impression that the more detergent they use, the cleaner their laundry would be. But this is not the case. In reality, adding too much detergent wears away fibres in clothes and puts a strain on the environment as toxic chemicals end up in the environment. We wanted to help people to get the correct dosage of detergent every time. We decided to design and launch the smallest dosing ball in the world. The campaign target groups were all Finnish consumers, and families with children in particular, who do several kilos of laundry every week.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We also designed the world’s smallest dosing ball for Serto. The dosing ball was designed in collaboration with industrial designers to make sure it fits perfectly on Serto’s packaging and also looks great. The Serto brand image and packaging design were revamped, and the important washing information was boldly printed on the products’ front label according to the concept. The new image was launched via an integrated, nation-wide marketing campaign. The campaign produced a wealth of materials for TV, printed media and social media. There were 35,874,000 media hits during the campaign, which reached 85% of the Finnish population.

List the results (20% of vote)

After the first campaign, one in 13 Finnish households has Serto’s new small dosing ball. As a result of the campaign, spontaneous awareness of the Serto brand increased by eight percentage points (26% to 34%) (There has been no change in the spontaneous awareness of competing brands.) 47% of those who saw the adverts said that the campaign had increased their interest in buying Serto’s laundry detergent. 67% of those who remembered the adverts said that they had a positive impact on Serto’s image. The Finnish media embraced the news of the world’s smallest dosing ball, and the biggest tabloid in Finland published a long article about Finns’ detergent consumption thanks to the campaign.