Category A02. Rebrand / Refresh of an existing Brand
Idea Creation BOB THE ROBOT Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Riku Eteläkoski Bob the Robot Creative
Juha Nikkilä Bob the Robot Creative
Minna-Maria Läntinen Bob the Robot Account Director
Tommo Killström Bob the Robot Graphic Designer
Anu Igoni Bob the Robot Creative Director
Jenna Hämäläinen Bob the Robot Project Co-ordinator
Kaija Rossi Bob the Robot Head of Client Group


When shopping center REDI opened its doors people were suspicious if it would become just another mall amongst others with same stores and services. Shopping centres in Helsinki also looked the same with colourfully bright and artificially fun appearance. The competition was fierce so REDI needed to stand out. The brief was to create compelling and differentiating brand identity for B2C and B2B target groups as the client didn’t have any proper identity. The identity should communicate the uniqueness of REDI. It is part of bigger growth center and construction project of multiple tower buildings that are integrated to the urban Kalasatama district. So basically REDI is a city district itself. Budget for the identity project was relatively small 30,000€ but the visibility was broad from brand assets to advertising and shopping centre materials to stationery and digital presence. The identity will be long-lasting so this is just a start.

Describe the creative idea (40% of vote)

REDI is part of the ruggedly handsome and bubbly part of town ¬¬– Kalasatama. The target audience was urban people living in Helsinki metropolitan area but the identity should speak to the people of Kalasatama to make REDI their own. We utilized REDI’s urbanity and roughness to create differentiating visual identity that is true to the brand. The idea was to create identity that felt like urban city district that has something going on all the time instead of artificial and big shopping center. We didn’t want to speak to the audience like commercial operator but to be natural part of the town and on the same level with the people living in the urban environment.

Describe the execution (40% of vote)

We strolled around Kalasatama to understand the true essence of it. The identity got its inspiration from event clubs and city festival visuality to underline REDI’s role as active part of the town. The identity was crafted with typeface Obviously and complemented with GT Pressura Pro Mono to create strong personality that is easy to pick from city environment. Brand colors were inspired by the urban scenery: dark grey from the asphalt, orange from Helsinki’s metros and light grey from the concrete buildings of Kalasatama. The graphic shapes were formed by the architecture of REDI and brand images communicated the ambience of Kalasatama with its urban inhabitants. The visuality was designed to work in all the touchpoints with static and motion design elements. The identity system covered everything from tiny business cards to huge digital screens and from posters and print ads to digital presence like REDI’s website.

List the results (20% of vote)

This brand identity project wasn’t measured in added brand value, reach or sales. The identity is designed to be used in all the ongoing visibility and campaigns the shopping center executes. Specific campaigns of shorter time period are measured to see what the impact has been in attitudes, mount of visitors, brand awareness, preference, sales and reach. The KPI’s for the identity project have been fulfilled as the attitudes towards the newcomer have been positive and people of Kalasatama have made REDI their own.