Category G04. Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight
Entrant MITO Budapest, HUNGARY
Idea Creation MITO Budapest, HUNGARY
Media Placement MITO Budapest, HUNGARY
Media Placement 2 WAVEMAKER HUNGARY Budapest, HUNGARY
Production MITO Budapest, HUNGARY
Name Company Position
Balázs Pocze Mito Creative Director
Dániel Ördög-Kovács Mito Copywriter
Dorottya Dinh Mito Strategic Planner
Hargitta Csík Mito Art Director
Annamária Radnics Mito Interactive Designer
Dávid Vass Mito Senior Production Manager
Gergely Kisfali Mito Junior Production Manager
Márta Tran Lam Mito Senior Account Manager
Nikolett Feke Mito Senior Account Manager
Réka Gyurasits Mito Media Manager
István Csekk Mito Art Director
Szabolcs Endrody Mito Senior Creative

Why is this work relevant for Direct?

The key message of Telekom Electronic Beats is to discover something new outside your comfort zone every day, so we kept to this idea and acted accordingly to give credibility to the message. We created a campaign with the worst targeting ever to reach those open-minded people who can lead by example. We only chose channels which have a really specific (non-electronic music fans) target group to ensure the real discovering experience. We’ve found more freethinking people than we thought we would and successfully called attention to TEB with literally bringing them to the events.


In this campaign, we wanted to draw the attention of new audiences to Telekom Electronic Beats whose key message is to discover something new every day and to step outside your comfort zone. To find this new audience without alienating the existing core target group, we had to find a way to be credible, interesting, straightforward but not dull. Besides reaching out to new people with its electronic music events, Telekom Electronic Beats also wanted to position itself as a compass in Budapest’s cultural life. Therefore, TEB broadened its spectrum of events to include not only the club nights but also lifestyle events, movie premieres and conferences. In the end, we reached the core target group and the new audiences with the same message: that Telekom Electronic Beats inspires you with the most unexpected, progressive experiences to discover new things every day.

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

We have to set an example in our campaign in order to catch the attention of people who have never heard of Telekom Electronic Beats before. Therefore, we’ve created a campaign with the worst targeting ever to reach open-minded people who can lead by example. Let’s appear in uncommon places, in a way like never before. Let's change intentions into actions, since not only do we use the most impossible, most unexpected places to show that it's worth discovering new things, we also provide opportunities for people to experience them, to take part in them even from afar. The basis for the campaign's success is for us to go where events like this seldom appear. Which websites do TEB fans rarely frequent? Which are the TV and radio channels that electronic music fans do not tune into? That’s where we can find new people to spread our message to.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

We determined our new target group not based on demographics but as people who would potentially go to an Electronic Beats event – concert or lifestyle – but are not yet hardcore electronic music fans. We divided the campaign into two main phases to achieve our main goal of drawing the attention of this new group of people to Telekom Electronic Beats. In the first phase, we targeted an extremely off-TEB group to gather some people who are open enough to come to an Electronic Beats event even if they have never been to such a thing before. In the second phase, which was targeted to the new potential group and the existing audience as well, we talked about our main message (discover something new every day) through contents about the people found in the first phase interacting with the Electronic Beats events.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

In the first phase of the campaign, while targeting the extremely off-TEB group, we positioned our advertisements at places where we could exclude the core Telekom Electronic Beats audience, thus creating the worst-targeted campaign in terms of reaching our main, traditional audience. This means that while promoting our events, in the search campaign we used keywords irrelevant to electronic music, in online communication we targeted those who are interested in mommy blogs, hiking or horse riding. In ATL communication, we used channels where TEB fans never go: regional TV, folk music radio, suburban places. In the second phase of the campaign, we reached our new potential group and the existing one in a more traditional way with Youtube videos, Facebook and Instagram posts.

List the results (30% of vote)

Our main goal for the campaign was to reach new people who are open-minded and would be interested in potentially going to a Telekom Electronic Beats event. The main metric which we used to measure our success was the results of the contents of the second phase of the campaign. We found that our videos had 3600% more views than the average Telekom Electronic Beats video. Furthermore, we saw that the amount of quality time that our users spent on these contents was really high. The videos longer than 3 minutes were fully viewed by more than 21% of the viewers, which is 4 times higher than the average for Telekom videos. Surprisingly, the ads of the first phase with the off-targeting had much more engagement than expected and even double the CTR compared to an average telco campaign ad.

Please tell us about the social behaviour and / or cultural insights that inspired your campaign

It’s the death of a subculture when it starts to revolve around itself. Therefore, we have to bring in new people and new impulses to keep it active and alive. This thought works for the electronic music scene as well. To bring in new people we have to inspire people to start discovering new things and lead with example.