Category B02. Challenger Brand
Entrant HOK-ELANTO Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation SOK MEDIA Helsinki, FINLAND
Idea Creation 2 HOK-ELANTO Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Placement CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Production ACCENTURE Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 2 WÖRKS Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 3 BOUTIQUE Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 4 AVIDLY Helsinki, FINLAND
Additional Company 2 S-GROUP Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Janne Lehtinen SOK Media Head of Marketing Strategy
Annikki Rosander SOK Media Marketing Planner
Krista Pihlhjerta SOK Media Marketing Strategist
Teemu Äijälä SOK Media Design Principle
Tuomas Ahola HOK-Elanto Director, Communication and Marketing
Merja Mustonen HOK-Elanto Director of Alepa Chain
Jussi Lehtiniemi Accenture Technical Architect
Pinja Kuosmanen Accenture AI/ML Development
Tomas Linberg Accenture Head of Design
Arttu Laaksonen Accenture Sr. Technical Architect
Samu Teittinen Accenture Designer
Jaakko Veijola Wörks Senior Art Director
Minna Kommeri Wörks Creative
Paul Nyman Wörks Creative
Tuukka Sinisalo Wörks Creative
Mikko Airas Wörks Creative
Misha Lagerstedt Boutique CEO
Juha Halmesvaara Carat Finland Media Innovations Director
Kaisa Rissanen Carat Finland Account Manager
Kirsi Riipinen Carat Finland Operations Director
Juha Frey Netprofile CEO
Sallamaari Muhonen Netprofile Consultant
Jyrki Poutiainen TBWA\Helsinki Chief Creative Director
Joni Furstenborg TBWA\Helsinki Associate Creative Director
Erno Reinikainen TBWA\Helsinki Creative
Tuomas Perälä TBWA\Helsinki Creative


Alepa, a local convenience store owned by S-Group's local co-op HOK-Elanto, had dropped in its selection image from its main local competitor, K-Market. Alepa is chain operated and K- Market’s are owned by individual entrepreneurs, who have been receiving wishes for decades from their customers. It was imperative to make sure that decline would be stopped and every Alepa would mirror better its local needs in its selection. The race was not to make a wide selection of products possible, but the best fitted selection for just that area. Alepa had been doing this based on sales data previously, but no-one knew that. In 2016 Alepa started receiving wishes from local customers, but they were indefinite and the process was slow, and a bit old-fashioned. There was need for a speedier and more precise solution.

Please tell us about the challenger brand and how your campaign challenged / was different from your competitors

Alepa as a local convenience store competes mainly against K-Market (part of Kesko), which is 4 times bigger in terms of market share. K-market has 11% market share and Alepa, operating only in the metropolitan area of Helsinki, a bit below 3%. K-market also has significantly higher share of voice in marketing. Alepa could not compete with K-market in terms of SOV. We had to challenge them with digital service that changed how grocery and convenience stores determined their assortment We built Facebook Messenger chatbot with integrations to all S Group SKU level product data and shop locations. Customers could wish any products they imagined from the bot, which then searched matching product from S Group databases using meta data and returned best matching products within milliseconds to the chat. If customer wanted the bot sent the product wish and products to local Alepa.