Category B01. Talent: Film, Series & Audio
Entrant LOVED Hamburg, GERMANY
Idea Creation LOVED Hamburg, GERMANY
Production LOVED Hamburg, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Mieke Haase loved GmbH CEO Creative
Julia Kerschbaum loved GmbH Designer Senior
Sabine Cole loved GmbH Editor In Chief
David Fischer Freelancer Photographer
Simon Roloff Freelancer DOP Lighting Cameraman
Daniela Sutter loved GmbH Account Director
Sean Kirby Freelance Editor Editor
Jan Schlüter WITTY MUSIC AGENCY Managing Partner
Ilker Yilmazalp thjnk AG Creative Project Supervisor

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

The film connects the rather factual topics engineering, innovation and performance in an interesting way, by transferring them onto something completely different, that is also revolving around the very same topics. In the end, you can see the parallels between cars and techno music.


Detroit used to be both automobile city and the place where techno music was invented. The city has had some pretty rough times over the past decades – but now it is being rebuilt by the Creative Class.

Describe the creative idea

We wanted to trace the roots of techno music and give the themes 'Innovation' and 'movement' a new spin. The film contains various elements of the techno culture, also some elements that are usually found in music videos. The cut and the way it plays with timing, time-leaps, speed – all complies with the original music by Juan Atkins used in the film.

Describe the strategy

It was imperative to make authentic content, a credible testimonial. It's easy to be credible, when you just need to tell the story. Juan Atkins is the originator of techno music, and techno is Black Music from Detroit. So we went to Detroit and made a film with Juan Atkins.

Describe the execution

"The New Beat" is a film closely connected with the AUDI magazine, the extension of the featured article of the fall/winter issue 2019, if you will. It can be viewed on since march 2019.

Describe the outcome

"The New Beat" is reaching people on three continents and has been, and is still being, met with approval. The film has informed – or reminded – people, that techno music traces back to Detroit's Ghetto Tech and Juan Atkins.