Category A05. Live Broadcast / Live Streaming
Entrant ADIDAS Solna, SWEDEN
Idea Creation UNITED SCREENS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement UNITED SCREENS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production UNITED SCREENS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Qaroline Nähl adidas Nordic Brand Communications Manager
Henrik Hallberg adidas PR Manager
Fredrik Hedström adidas Wholesale Activation Manager
Ida Brink United Screens Key Account Manager
Malin Björnung United Screens Project Manager
Andreas Svensson United Screens Executive Producer

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

This campaign changed the perspective on how a promotional campaign can look like: Through a live streamed event where two of Sweden's biggest hiphop stars met in a football game, the client managed to get an engaged national wide audience to watch a branded football game, where the end result was double the sales compared to same period last year, with this being the only marketing effort. The campaign included production of a live stream on Youtube as well as trailers, influencer marketing, a live event with live commentators and reporters and a paid advertising campaign on Youtube and Instagram. Please view the live stream content at:


With an ever growing media environment and the different interest within a specific target group, the target group young adults are hard to reach. The brief was to strengthen the brand love in their target group young adults, create awareness of the product and increase the overall brand love in their target group. They wanted to create hype around the brand, the product and the retailer with conversion to sales as final outcome.

Describe the creative idea

The creative idea was to combine a creative influencer marketing campaign with innovative content: The solution was to combine music with football, and to work with artists who have a really strong credibility within their target group. The campaigns innovative foundation was based on the choice of artists as a core element in the campaign, instead of going for a more traditional route with sports stars. In combination with the activation of the artists in a soccer game, where they hand picked their own teams to meet in the most hyped football game of the year, making unique content for the viewers, as well as an engaging activity for the artist, made this a creative idea that in itself stood for an innovative campaign that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Describe the strategy

By combining influencer marketing, a Youtube-first production, a live stream event, pre-rolls and Instagram trailers, the outcome was an innovative campaign resulting in both impact and reach. To enable engaged fans to be able to watch the game, the football game was live streamed on 2 Youtube channels in order to reach a broader audience.

Describe the execution

One week prior to the game pre-rolls and trailers were bought as ads on Youtube and Instagram, to create a hype around the game. Relevant media picked up the story about the soccer game. Well produced event where fans, influencers and friends of the artists could watch the game in the arena. On the game day 11 influencers made 22 social media posts to push people to the live stream. 2 live commentators, who are established sport profiles. Organic reach on the artists social medias throughout the campaign. Live stream event on two Youtube channels.

Describe the outcome

Through 11 influencers, 2 live streams on Youtube, 22 Instagram posts, ads on Youtube and Instagram the campaign generated: Double the sales (being the only marketing effort during the period) 390 000 unique views in social channels, with more than 157 000 being unique views on Youtube and an extremely high engagement on the live stream. The impact and liking of the two live streams on Youtube were tremendous: Both of them exceeded the benchmark viewing time with more than 100% increase! The live viewers counted to more than 10.000 people. The live stream managed to fill one of the largest sport arena in Sweden - meaning this branded entertainment live football game was one of the most attended games in Stockholm this year!