Category A01. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films up to 5 minutes
Product/ServiceGRDF GREEN GAS
Idea Creation ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Production PHANTASM Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 NIGHTSHIFT Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Production 4 MATHEMATIC Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles Fichteberg ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Francois Sacco ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar ROSAPARK Co-Founder
Cerise Leclerc ROSAPARK Art Director
Louise Mussot ROSAPARK Copywriter
Nima Nourizadeh PHANTASM Director
Delphine Drutel ROSAPARK Managing Director
Elodie Jonquille ROSAPARK Head of TV Production
Virginie Matias ROSAPARK Account Manager
Camille Huguenot ROSAPARK Account Director
François Peretti ROSAPARK Strategic Planner
Jeanne Neuschwander ROSAPARK Head of Digital Strategy
Cassandre Géron ROSAPARK Social Media Manager
Sanae Belkouri ROSAPARK Agency TV Producer
Mélanie Colléou ROSAPARK PR Co-ordinator
Olivier Muller PHANTASM Executive Producer
Jean-Pierre Crapart PHANTASM Line Producer
Daniel Voldheim PHANTASM Director Of Photography
Arnaud Roth PHANTASM Set Designer
Thomas Cornet NIGHTSHIFT Post Production
Walter Mauriot NIGHTSHIFT Editor
Didier Le Fouest NIGHTSHIFT Colourist
Guillaume Marien MATHEMATIC VFX Producer
Jérôme Chambin GRDF Communications and Digital Director
Jérôme Andrieu-Casado GRDF Media Images
Pauline Armanet GRDF Media Images
Oirdia Hadek GRDF Media Images
Lucie Calonne GRDF Social Media
Aurélie Messa GRDF Web
El Hadj Allassan Timite GRDF Web
Claire Maindru GRDF Press

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Living on other planets as the next stage of humanity has been a hot topic over the last years. We decided to tell the story of the future of humanity by taking Earth out of the picture. Choosing to make a “Save the planet” ad on this topic, rather than showing the sadness of the actual state of the Earth, directing it like a brightly coloured pop video, full of gold, craziness and weird music and making it look like an odd nightmare, created a real piece of entertainment.


Gas suffers from a bad image and is not well considered especially by the new generation (18-35 yo), as it is seen as dangerous and a fossil fuel. This is not really fair, as gas can actually change the future of our planet. It’s a little-known fact that GRDF has been working for years with farmers and communities to develop a green gas: a very simple and virtuous solution produced by recycling organic waste, 100% renewable, clean, and totally local. Our objective was to raise awareness about the fact that gas can be an efficient solution in energy transition and can play a key role in preserving our planet. As this topic can be quite complicated to understand, and complex to explain, a creative breakthrough was necessary to surprise and raise consciousness, so we chose a modern, humoristic tone and pop-culture references that will echo in our target’s mind.

Describe the creative idea

Everyone is talking about the state of our planet, the future of humanity and the need to improve waste management, all crucial issues for future generations. In documentaries, articles and even products, like fashion spacesuits, the idea of leaving Earth behind and moving to another planet is a hot topic. So the gas company, GRDF, chose to illustrate the need for the green gas they produce by showing the last hour on Earth of a group of eccentric, super rich people, partying to their heart’s content, before taking off in a rocket. We see the staff who are left to pick up the mess and discover the real process behind producing green gas. The waiters collect the organic waste, put it onto a truck and drive to a farm. The farmers recycle it in a digester that turns it into green gas.

Describe the strategy

Never has the ecological situation seemed as dramatic as it does today. Beyond feeding the literary and television dystopias, the future of our beloved Earth is at the heart of every debate: global warming, glyphosate, the reception of climate refugees... Considering the many ecological threats that weigh on our future, many people are looking for a plan B: buy a deserted island as a refuge, pay millions of euros to develop space tourism, apply to become a citizen of Asgardia, the first space state created by the Russian billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli, etc. Little by little, reality is going beyond the wildest scenarios. Yet, there is a much simpler solution than going into space to escape the extinction of the human species and that’s green gas, a renewable energy, produced locally from organic waste and developed by GRDF. And this what we wanted to show and explain in this TV ad.

Describe the execution

We took the gamble of integrating social conversations in order to ensure a strong launch and amplify awareness about green gas. We therefore decided to start the campaign with a First View on Twitter, via the hashtag #LeGazVertLavenir (#GasForTheFuture). The film was then broadcast on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube). Educational content about green gas was also developed to increase the understanding about the production and advantages of this energy. The campaign also aired in rebound to the United Nations event “the UN Climate Summit 2019”.

Describe the outcome

The campaign aired on digital and social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) for 3 weeks. 3,86M views 29,9M impressions 1,94M engagement First View Twitter: 1,4K mentions + 1,1M video views