Category A03. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films Over 30 minutes
Product/ServiceSAINT LAURENT
Entrant VIXENS Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation VIXENS Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation 2 SAINT LAURENT Paris, FRANCE
Production VIXENS Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 SAINT LAURENT Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gaspar Noe Vixens Director
Anthony Vaccarello Saint Laurent Creative Director
Gary Farkas Vixens Producer
Benoit Debie Vixens Director Of Photography
Samantha Benne Vixens Production Designer
Jerome Pesnel Vixens Editor
Marc Boucrot Vixens Editor & Colorist
Ken Yasumoto Vixens Sound Engineer
Rodolphe Chabrier MacGuff VFX

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

*Please view VIMEO link for full video - password in confidential information* Fashion houses have always been collaborating with directors to produce content that highlights their collections. With Lux Æterna, we wanted to go further and produce a real fiction that would show actors who convey the identity of the brand, wearing clothes from its collections. Indeed, Anthony Vaccarello (Saint Laurent creative director) wanted to capture different aspects of the Saint Laurent personality. And the idea was to avoid the conventional tools of advertising and undertake a real artistic project, with a very organic integration of the brand.


Anthony Vaccarello contacted Gaspar Noé to offer him to take part in an artistic project. It had to be a fiction, whatever the length is. The cast would need to convey the DNA of the house and wear clothes from the brand. The rest was 100% a carte blanche.

Describe the creative idea

Gaspar Noé had the freedom to initiate the creative idea. And he made what he describes as a vibrant essay on respect for beliefs, the actor’s craft and the art of filmmaking.

Describe the strategy

Saint Laurent’s strategy was to collaborate with a director they love. Offer him the opportunity to direct a real fiction showing great actors and models wearing clothes from the brand. And play with the rules of the film business. Meaning building the same communication plan any movie would have.

Describe the execution

Anthony Vaccarello and Gaspar Noé selected the cast together. Anthony designed several looks by character and Gaspar could pick among these suggestions. Gaspar shot 5 days beginning March and delivered the film mid-May. He ended up making a 51min film.

Describe the outcome

The outcome of this collaboration is literally outstanding. The film premiered in Official Selection at the Cannes film festival! 16 actors including Charlotte Gainsbourg and Beatrice Dalle came to the screening. Gaspar, Charlotte and Beatrice did a great press conference. There was a billboard of 15m x 8m on La Croisette during a week. And for the first time in Cannes’ history, a brand was in a the main theatre of the festival, with its representatives sitting front row together with the director and the cast.