Category A01. Fiction & Non-Fiction Films up to 5 minutes
Idea Creation ROSAPARK Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement BLUE 449 Paris, FRANCE
Production PARTIZAN Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 SCHMOOZE Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 MIKROS IMAGE Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Gilles Fichteberg ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Francois Sacco ROSAPARK Co-founder Chief Creative Officer
Jean-Patrick Chiquiar ROSAPARK Co-Founder
Cerise Leclerc ROSAPARK Art Director
Louise Mussot ROSAPARK Copywriter
Antoine Bardou-Jacquet PARTIZAN Director
Sacha Lacroix ROSAPARK Managing Director/Head of Strategic Planning
Quentin Labat ROSAPARK Associate Director
Lucile Wissocq ROSAPARK Account Director
Justine Ducher ROSAPARK Account Manager
Thomas Laurent ROSAPARK Agency TV Producer
Jeanne Neuschwander ROSAPARK Head of Digital Strategy
Calliste Garrabos ROSAPARK Community Manager
Charlotte Giraud ROSAPARK Social Media Strategist
Melanie Colleou ROSAPARK PR Co-ordinator
Sophie Reine n/a Editor
Khalid Tahhar PARTIZAN Producer
Isabelle Labeylie PARTIZAN Production Manager
Olivie Coulhon PARTIZAN First Assistant Director
Marc Gomez Del Moral PARTIZAN Director Of Photography
Alexandre Vivet PARTIZAN Production Designer
Elise Bouquet PARTIZAN Costume Designer
Annabelle Petit PARTIZAN Make-up artist
Matthieu Sibony SCHMOOZE Sound Producer
Grégoire Galian SCHMOOZE Sound Producer
Sylvain Rety SCHMOOZE Sound Engineer
Sébastien Gros MIKROS Post Production
Jonathan Trebois MIKROS Post-Production
Pascal Crifo BLUE 449 CEO
Marion Haan BLUE 449 Deputy Managing Director
Florence Mary BLUE 449 Senior Business Manager
Fouad Hachani BLUE 449 Head of Brand Activation
Florence Chafiotte MONOPRIX Head of Marketing, Digital & Innovation
Nicolas Gobert MONOPRIX Brand & Image Director
Stéphanie Jallet MONOPRIX Communications and Media Manager

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

This campaign is relevant for the Entertainment Lions because it’s a long format comedy and a real piece of entertainment based on universal insight – people hate waiting in line and are prepared to do pretty much anything to get to the front – everybody in the world will recognize themselves. It was developed like a real cinema movie, including natural settings, waterfalls, 3D dinosaurs, special effects, 40 extras in costumes for many hours and editing and music choices designed to make the scene as entertaining and epic as possible.


Since the dawn of time, humanity has hated standing in line. People are always trying to come up with ways of moving up the queue and are capable of inventing highly creative tricks to do so. But the good news is that Monoprix has invented a great service: you can scan and pay for your items directly on your smartphones without going through checkout. So the queuing up is over.

Describe the creative idea

Nobody likes standing in line. It’s what’s left of our reptilian brain, that animal instinct that long ago impelled Sapiens to always serve themselves first in order to survive. The first queue jumper was clearly born at the same time as the first queue and to achieve their goal, they needed a brain that was more creative and craftier than their fellow humans’. This primal ingenuity, totally devoid of scruples, is recreated in this film and reflects what happens in queues every day still today – we have to put up with queue jumpers, or we possibly even are queue jumpers ourselves. So when Monoprix created an application that enables their customers to scan and pay for their purchases directly with their smartphones, without having to queue up at the checkout, they weren’t just putting an end to hours of queuing, but also to thousands of years of moral turpitude.

Describe the strategy

To best present Monoprix’s position, which is to facilitate city dwellers’ daily lives we had 3 main objectives: to raise awareness about this innovative service, to explain to customers how to use it and to encourage them to download the app. To be sure to reach these objectives, we used a two-phase plan: firstly, a long video on TV and social media, supported by PR and then, a 10-sec tutorial explaining how to use the service retargeting people who had seen the full version.

Describe the execution

Firstly, we launched the campaign on television during a famous show that was relevant to the brand’s target audience. It was then followed by several shorter airings. We then pushed it on social media with a first view on Twitter and amplified it with PR to give the film more visibility. We retargeted people with a tutorial that explained how to use the service and encouraged people to download the app. We also worked in partnership with Konbini – a French infotainment media which is very famous for its funny and off-the-wall content – and a French youtuber.

Describe the outcome

The main character in the film is Julien Pestel, a well-known influencer who’s worked with some of the best influencers in France but who’s also friends with them (Palmashow, Golden Moustache, McFly & Carlito, Cyprien, …). This was a great way to make sure this community would enjoy and share the film. And it worked! In just one day (on Facebook and Twitter alone), the film reached 5,6M impressions, was viewed 2,3M times, but most of all, it generated 165K interactions and an engagement rate of 4% on both platforms. The film continued to be mediatized on YouTube, Instagram and by Konbini and reached 11M impressions and 8M views in the first 10 days.