Category A05. Live Broadcast / Live Streaming
Idea Creation PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production PERFECT FOOLS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Johan Lööf Perfect Fools Producer
Amit Raab Perfect Fools Executive Producer
Eric Karlshammar Perfect Fools Client Lead
Klas Lusth Perfect Fools Creative Director
Marc Scherlin Perfect Fools Designer
Justin Colavita Perfect Fools Campaign Architect
Daniel Lunde Perfect Fools Senior Art Director
Carl Larsson Perfect Fools Art Director
Joakim Ohlssson Perfect Fools PR Manager
Tony Sajdak Perfect Fools Chief Technical Officer
Stefan Lagergren Perfect Fools Developer
Eva Evesjö Svenska Spel Sport & Casino Brand Manager
Jonas Nilsson Svenska Spel Sport & Casino PR Manager
Ken Söderqvist Svenska Spel Sport & Casino Production Manager
Henrik Mäx Svenska Spel Sport & Casino' Social Content Communication Specialist
Eva Didriksson Svenska Spel Sport & Casino Digital Media Specialist
Matthias Svensson Svenska Spel Sport & Casino Content Manager

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

Using the insight about our target group’s desire for up-to-date information during the Hockey World Championships, we created a brand new content format for Oddset on Youtube where a live streamed digital clone of the Swedish hockey head coach Rikard Grönborg provided fans with hockey news around the clock. The clone was equipped with an AI that predicted each game to help viewers bet better. By doing this we manifested Oddset’s tagline “The more you know, the more you win.” The content was also used in all other bought units, thus maximizing production value and brand recognition.


Oddset, a sub-brand to the Swedish state owned betting company Svenska Spel, is the main sponsor for the Swedish ice hockey team during the World Championships. Oddset's tagline is "The more you know, the more you win." During the Ice Hockey World Championship 2019, Oddset needed to break through the clutter in order to increase sales, strengthen the connection to Swedish sport and heighten the perception of Oddset as a modern and playful betting brand. The campaign objectives were to reach 10 million in earned reach, increase the observational value and preference by 5 percentage points above benchmark, and increase sales by 10% compared to the Hockey World Championship 2018.

Describe the creative idea

Building on the insight that our target group is hungry for facts, we created Grönborg Live, a brand new content format. The livestream Youtube show featured the world's first virtual sports anchor - a clone of Sweden’s national hockey team’s head coach, Rikard Grönborg. He was developed with the help of advanced 3D and voice technology (and Rikard himself). In the show "Grönborg Live" we streamed 24/7, totaling over 400 hours of World Championship news, statistics, interviews, hockey history and entertainment - all reported live by the digitally cloned head coach. We also equipped the virtual anchor with an AI that took 20 years of hockey data and transformed it into predictions, which it shared with the viewers. Each day, new content was aired that provided a unique insight behind the scenes of the Swedish hockey team and relevant facts that could help the viewers in their betting decisions.

Describe the strategy

Oddset’s target group is very excited about betting on the World Championship games and they see it as a way of using and showing off their skills and knowledge. They simply see betting as a sport in itself. Therefore, they are very keen on acquiring facts that can give them an advantage in their betting. The target group is prepared to dig deep to gain betting insights and get their information from many different sources. The demand for relevant and up-to-date information is high, especially during a World Championship. We realized that the media coverage of the tournament did not meet the needs of the target group, by far. Thus, there was potential for World Championship coverage that could provide new insights during all the hours of the day, throughout the whole tournament. Completely in line with the Oddset tagline "The more you know, the more you win".

Describe the execution

The Youtube livestream went live on the 10th of May and became the heart and soul of the campaign. We continuously fed the virtual clone with content it reported on without a single break. With the help of the AI, virtual Grönborg predicted the match results. Viewers were also able to interact with the virtual Grönborg by using our hashtag and getting answers in the broadcast. Our ads on social media and Youtube were updated with short segments from the livestream everyday. By doing this, we could communicate the same campaign for 17 days while continuing to be relevant. We also collaborated with one of Sweden’s leading news sites,, where the livestream was broadcasted live on the startpage for the whole World Championship. Besides digital advertisement, we also used the livestream in our DOOH units, livestreaming Grönborg Live in cities all over Sweden, including Stockholm Central Station.

Describe the outcome

The campaign garnered a total gross reach of 34 651 032 impressions, with an additional 47.5 million in earned reach (objective: 10 million). The campaign managed to engage the audience to use Oddset’s products to higher extent than expected, with a 30% increase in sales compared to the Hockey World Championship 2018 (objective: +10%). The campaign also had a direct effect on the live betting sales, with a 33% increase in live betting sales compared to the Hockey World Championship 2018 (objective: +10%) Grönborg Live had a strong positive effect on the brand “Oddset”, with the campaign survey showing +15 percentage points in the parameter "Different / New Thinking" (objective: +5). As well as a +16 percentage points in the parameter "Link to Swedish sport" (objective: +5). The Observation Value compared to benchmark increased with 15 percentage points (objective: +5), whereas Preference increased by 15 percentage points (objective: +5).