Short List
Category C01. Viral Film
Idea Creation TBWA\BELGIUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement PHD MEDIA Brussels, BELGIUM
Production BOZON CONTENT Antwerpen, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Geert Verdonck TBWA\Belgium Creative Director
Jan Macken TBWA\Belgium Executive Creative Director
Thomas Driesen TBWA\Belgium Copywriter
David Maertens TBWA\Belgium Art Director
Bert Denis TBWA\Belgium Chief Strategy Officer
Stephanie Vercuysse TBWA\Belgium Strategic Director
Pauline Kinet TBWA\Belgium Strategic Planner
Janne Scheepmans TBWA\Belgium Strategic Planner
Audrey Dahmen TBWA\Belgium Integrated Communications Planner
Steve Brown TBWA\Belgium Creative Coach
Isabel Broes TBWA\Belgium Client Services Director
Charlotte Lindemans TBWA\Belgium Account Director
Aubry Crock TBWA\Belgium Account Manager
Soraya Hellera TBWA\Belgium Account Manager
Lauren Vandendriessche TBWA\Belgium Account Executive
Christophe Liekens TBWA\Belgium Graphic Designer
Vincent De Boeck TBWA\Belgium Motion Designer
Elke Broothaers TBWA\Belgium Motion Designer
Frederik Severijns TBWA\Belgium Lead UI Design
Yannick Van Der Goten TBWA\Belgium Front-end Developer
Max Van der Beken TBWA\Belgium Project Manager
Ken Kools TBWA\Belgium Digital Process Manager
Ann Vanminsel TBWA\Belgium Online Copywriter
Charlotte Mulders TBWA\Belgium Digital Creative
Nigel Ooms TBWA\Belgium Online copywriter
Mieke Vandewalle MAKE Head of AV production
Lore Desmet TBWA\Belgium TV Producer
Greet Van Thillo MAKE Post-producer
Jan Pollet MAKE Sound Engineer
Gert Van Berckelaer MAKE Offline Editor
Enzo Piccinato MAKE Online Editor
Laurent Dillen BOZON Executive Producer
Joop Haesen BOZON Producer
Nadia Marquard Otzen BOZON Director
Magnus Nordenhof Jønck BOZON DOP
Helena Overlaet-Michiels Freelance Online Editor
Stijn Van Assche Freelance Online Editor
Marc Decoster Freelance Online Editor
Kene Illegems Freelance Colourgrading
Joost Van Kerckhove Freelance Colourgrading

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The video is a remake of the iconic Freestyler music video from Bomfunc MC’s that hit number 1 in many European countries by the end of 1999. In the original version a rasta boy is controlling his environment by using his MiniDisc-player. While walking around in the subway station the viewer sees dancers, the band members and many references to culture around the year 2000. 20 years later we remade the video using the exact same storyline, with the same band members and the original song. Only we changed the main character by a rasta girl and stuffed the video with cultural references for the viewer to discover. Easter eggs referring to fashion, art, series, memes and more.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Knowing nostalgia is picked up easily by the millennial target audience that’s almost impossible to reach, Telenet remade their favorite video that was the soundtrack of their youth and added some extras to discover. Freestyler is a tune that directly taps into the heart of Belgian millennials and the story of the video is iconic. It was a nr 1 hit in Europe by the end of 1999. The many easter eggs in the film referred to different fields of interest of the audience. Fashion, art, series, memes, etc. This way we made sure the video would be picked up by different influencers, blogs and online media, reaching as much people as possible. The video was placed on YouTube only and was not spread by mainstream media.