Silver eurobest Award
Category E03. Online: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Entrant &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation &CO Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Thomas Hoffmann &Co. / NoA Creative Director
Lea Floodgaard &Co. / NoA Art Director
Katrine Winblad &Co. / NoA Art Director
Mathias Trads &Co. / NoA Copy Writer
Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen new-land Director
Robert Cerkez &Co. / NoA Creative Director
Claus Collstrup &Co. / NoA Art Director
Peter Dinesen &Co. / NoA Copy Writer
Martin De Thurah Bacon Director
Kasper Tuxen Bacon Director Of Photography

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In a film set entirely within the confines of a lift, we follow two people who fall in love, without the other ever knowing. We gain insight into their thoughts by way of subtitles. They plot and scheme ways to break the ice, without ever opening their mouths. And that quickly becomes the central conflict. Their overthinking holds them from acting on their desires. The film is an intimate and often awkward look into the heads of two people paralysed by their own thoughts. And by the end, we wish nothing more than they’d “Step out of their head.”

Cultural / Context information for the jury

A lot of attention has been given to modern media’s influence on people’s mental health. And as counter points, movements such as “body positivity,” “social media detox” and “the perfect imperfection” have also made way into the media sphere. More so, the growing focus on the fashion industry’s presentation of unattainable body image has forced brands and companies to reevaluate how they communicate to a contemporary audience.