Bronze eurobest Award

Case Film


Category G02. Challenger Brand
Product/ServiceRFSU CONDOMS
Entrant HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production HOUSE OF RADON Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Maja Haraldsson House of Radon Account Director
Alexandra Arvidson House of Radon Creative copywriter
Hanna Tholl House of Radon PR Creative
Carl Ronander House of Radon Strategist
Sergej Israel House of Radon Producer
Anton Nicolau Noren House of Radon Editor
Petrus Lidbeck House of Radon Editor
Camilla Uhlen House of Radon Designer
Sara Wikström House of Radon Assistant director
Leo Köhler House of Radon Motion
Edin Agovic House of Radon Motion
Furkan Bayraktar House of Radon Developer
Christopher McLaren House of Radon Paid Media
Ylva Lundberg House of Radon Strategist
Joanna Nordahl Indio Director
Erik Henriksson Freelance Director Of Photography
Helin Honung Helin Honung Caster
Tint Post Tint Post Grade and online
Pony Tail Pony Tail Sound design

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The film opens in a bedroom where a teenage girl and guy are hanging out. They glance at one another. We cut to new scenes of people checking each other out; the settings are varied – we see people in cars, on dance floors, in meadows, at gyms, and in solariums. Tension starts to build: sensuality rises, along with the tempo of the music. Voiceovers from a mix of young people drive the story forward. The unflattering and honest words we are hearing contradict what we see – along with as the sexual energy continues building without hesitation. Glances have now evolved into making out, which then turns into intense, passionate sex. In the midst of all this, some of the lovers reach for a condom. Once the passion hits its peak and then subsides, we realize it’s an intimate and honest love/hate story – for condoms.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The cast is a mix of Scandinavia’s most influential voices. The SKAM-hype (Skam is a Norwegian TV-show) was still thick over Scandinavia, so we cast Josefine Pettersen, who played Noora: a profile who would appeal across the whole target audience. The film also features a reality star and singer with her high school sweetheart, a Thai-boxing influencer, a twerker, a tattoo artist, a personal trainer, a feminist artist, and the hip-hop power couple of the year. These famous influential cameos mixed with passionate young couples directly cast from the target group. They all wanted to join a sex-positive movement for a good cause – to decrease the condom gap. The importance of having a non-stereotypical cast is one of the most important criteria for RFSU which made the cast big, wide and fabulous.

Please tell us about the challenger brand and how your campaign challenged / was different from your competitors

To close “The Condom Gap” (the 80% who want to use a condom - the 45% who do) RFSU needed to be bold and take risks! Make condoms sexy
 Ever seen how condoms are portrayed in media? Then you have probably encountered a lot of shame, disgust or humor. To change the negative perception of condoms, RFSU created the opposite and made condoms sexy! "Objectifying" ALL people, expanding the norms of who is sexy, independent of body type, sexual orientation/identification, gender, nationality, etc. Bash your own product for the cause Sexy is not all about sex. It’s about honesty, openness, and courage. So, RFSU let the story be 100% transparent about the upsides, and downsides of the condom, based on the target groups' unfiltered condom opinions. RFSU created something real that no competitor ever had done. Go against Zuckerberg! The above brave decisions = majorly blocked by all social giants.