Short List
BrandTV 2
Category C01. Viral Film
Product/ServiceTV 2
Entrant TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation TV 2 DENMARK Copenhagen, DENMARK
Production NEW LAND Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Chaga Signe Bruun TV 2 Creative Director
Kasper Adsbøll TV 2 Senior Brand Manager
Christian Holten Bonke Freelance Director
Kristian Vestergaard TV 2 Concept Creative
Thomas Torp Torp Bertelsen Concept Creative
Sophie Leegaard TV 2 Art Director
Nadja Kristensen New Land Executive Producer
Leonore Skousen TV 2 Producer
Kasper Wind Freelance DOP
Nicolaj Monberg Freelance Editor
Kristian Eidnes Andersen Freelance Composer
Kevin Koch Freelance Sound Engineer
Jacob Weinreich TV 2 Marketing Director
Vicky Wassmann Dahi TV 2 Head of Branding
Helle Jensen TV 2 Head of Production
Julie Møller Lindblad TV 2 Project Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In the film, two strangers are set against each other after which it is revealed to them that they have something in common. Their reactions show that reflecting on each other's life and experience contains a great positive force. The film is about the fact that the common stories can be found on many levels: In a house where you both lived, in a social relationship emerged through a computer game - or in the very big life-changing landslides such as, for example, saving another person's life or to be a refugee.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The broadcaster TV 2 Denmark is driven by the development of society and aims to be a point of reference for what binds the Danes together as a nation and as people. Unfortunately, research shows that Denmark is one of the most unfriendly countries in terms of opening up and talking to strangers. But would it not be interesting, if we actually did? The strategy was to show that instead of looking down in our phones, or simply avoiding interaction, we could learn something by opening up and talking to other people.