Short List
Category G04. Social Behaviour & Cultural Insight
Entrant PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Idea Creation PER HøJ Oslo, NORWAY
Media Placement KEYTEQ Bergen, NORWAY
Production FUS Oslo, NORWAY
Name Company Position
Axel Bjørne-Larsen Per Høj Copywriter
Aslak Aalberg Per Høj Art Director
Gry Birgitte Bækkelund Per Høj Project Manager
Kine Larsen Nordea Digital Marketer
Martine Lootz Benestad Nordea Digital Marketer
Rikke Knudsen Keyteq Performance Specialist
Morten Borgestad FUS! Director
Glenn Huth Mæland FUS! Executive Producer
Ivan Jamne FUS! Producer
Håvard Byrkjeland FUS! Director Of Photography
Raymond Gangstad Shortcut Oslo Grading
Jonas Aarø Uhørt Editor
Marius Paus Brovold Uhørt Sound Editor

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

In this series of five films, we meet Mads and his grandparents. Through their dialogue, actions and visual cues like grandpas full sleeve tattoo, we learn that the grandparents represent how the young millennials of today will appear when they become old one day. Short description of each of the films: "Sideboob": Grandpa and grandma are telling Mads the story of how they first met. The story ends with «And that was the first time I hooked up with your Grandpa». “Xbox”: Mads and Grandpa are playing Xbox, but Mads doesn’t understand such old fashioned gaming devices. "White Walkers": Grandpa is putting on his jacket while making Game of Thrones references. Mads looks confused. “Sup”: Mads is sitting on the couch. Grandpa joins him, and asks him «wassup?». Mads doesn’t understand. “Dab”: Grandpa and Grandma are teaching Mads some old fashioned dance moves, such as twerking and dabbing.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In Norway, most young people don't think much about their retirement savings. Our clients research showed that most people under the age of 30 felt certain that a sufficient pension would be provided by their employer. Yet most of them also responded that they had no idea whatsoever what kind of pension plan their employer had.

Please tell us about the social behaviour and / or cultural insights that inspired your campaign

Retirement life seems like very distant future to young people. It's almost as if it's not really you yourself who are going to live it. Because by that time you will surely have transformed into some strange, sixpence-wearing classical music-loving oldie, and why should you care about that old geezer? What young people tend to forget, is that there’s a good reason why old people love wearing sixpences and listening to classical music. It’s not that they changed so much over time. It’s that the times change. If you love gaming, hip hop and cinnamon latte today, you probably will when you get old as well. The purpose of these films is to make your future life as a retiree feel more real and tangible. So that young, urban millennials can appreciate the fact that “one day, you will be the old one”.