2019 Glass: The Award for Change


Category A01. Glass
Idea Creation ROOM485 MOSCOW, RUSSIA
Additional Company REDME Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Elena Kalinina ROOM485 Managing Creative Director
Svyatoslav Lavrov ROOM485 Creative Group Head
Maksim Skovorodnikov ROOM485 Head of Arts
Eugenya Baeva ROOM485 Art Director
Denis Kozhukov ROOM485 Web Designer
Alexander Maximenko ROOM485 Technical Director
Olga Sharypova ROOM485 Senior Account Manager
Lyudmila Zonkhoeva RCG Senior PR Manager
Katerina Stepkova ROOM485 Senior Account Manager
Olga Sharatuta RedMe Executive Director
Irina Shanaeva RedMe Account Manager
Oksana Gorshkova ROOM485 Digital Account Manager
Sergey Chikiris ROOM485 Video Producer
Maxim Musatov ROOM485 Video Editor
Ksenia Torlopova ROOM485 Traffic Manager Assistant


According to The Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) in 2017: 1. The idea of ‘decriminalizing’ beatings in the family was supported by 59% of Russians. 2. 19% of citizens consider it acceptable in some cases to raise a hand against a wife, husband or child. People do not realize the real scale of the problem, as well as the systematic nature of domestic violence and its development from emotional to physical. And remain indifferent to that topic or embarrassed to talk about it, as it is not accepted. Moreover, there are saying in Russian culture: ‘beats mean love’. That way people justify the actions of the abuzer. By this project we wanted to change the social attitude to the problem of domestic violence against women, reducing the degree of indifference and to promote the adoption of a law for domestic violence prevention.

Describe the cultural / social / political climate in your region and the significance of your campaign within this context

The Federal State Statistics Service shows: every fifth woman in Russia has experienced physical violence in her relationship, and every third woman has experienced psychological abuse. However, in 2017, an amendment to article No. 116 of the Russian Criminal Code was adopted, according to which domestic violence in the country was decriminalized, and the number of horrific incidents increased exponentially.

Describe the creative idea

The main idea of Project911 was to completely immerse the platform user in a situation in which victims were found. We came up with and thought over the most effective and interactive methods of interaction where the user becomes involved. Today, Project911 is a non-profit social project, all expenses are covered by the advertising agency. Moreover, several specialized non-commercial organizations participated in different stages of the Project911 creation: the Moscow Crisis Center for Women ‘ANNA’, the ‘Nasiliu.net’ (‘No to the violence’) Center, Project W, the Sisters Center that helps sexual assault survivors and the Kitezh Women's Crisis Center.

Describe the strategy

The project started in Russia in the period of an international campaign ‘16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence’ to challenge violence against women and girls. Target audience: young people aged 18 to 35 who have never encountered the problem of domestic violence and cannot realize its real scale. Firstly, we posted teaser videos (50 personalized animated pictures with real faces of our employees, in which becoming signs of beatings). People made these posts and wrote about their stories or showed their indifference to the problem, attracting the attention to the project from their networks. Secondly, there was an official launch of the interactive multi-platform for women ‘PROJECT911’ in mass media. The news about the launch of the project was supported by leading news agencies and specialized media, opinion leaders and celebrities. In 1 week about project has wrote more than 80 leading and popular media in Russia.

Describe the execution

In order to stop indifference, caused by ignorance and misunderstanding of the problem’s seriousness and to promote the adoption of a law for domestic violence prevention, we introduced the 'PROJECT911' – an interactive informational multi-platform for women, allowing people to find out about the problem, prevent it or get real help. The project covers the entire path of the victim: from the diagnosis of psychological violence to real actions in relation to solving the problem. It includes the following elements: 1. An interactive game where user can put himself in the victim’s place. It was created on the basis of real stories from the victims. 2. A test that helps women diagnostic their relations by the risk of violence: emotional or physical. It was created with psychologists and experts from specialized crisis centers. 3. Contacts of NGOs and crisis centers. 4. Link to the online platform to sign petition.

Describe the results / impact

Total results: • 100 103 game experiences executed; • 830 243 signed the petition; • 91 publications in Russian Mass Media; • 809 670 873 OTS. In the period of the project launch there was an increase in the number of queries on the topic of "domestic violence" in search engines by 15%.