Category A05. Health & Wellness Tech
Product/ServiceMEMORY LANE
Production 2 PAROLL Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Adam Kerj Accenture Interactive Chief Creative Officer
Carla Nykopp Accenture Interactive Project Manager
Christian Souche Accenture Interactive R&D Director
Coline Doebelin Accenture Interactive R&D Solution Lead

Why is this work relevant for Creative Data?

According to scientific studies and specialist doctors working to help improve health and wellbeing of senior citizens living in unwanted loneliness, one of the most efficient neural treatments is to have someone to talk to and share memories with. With the power of artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, we decided to create the world’s first reverse-engineered conversational Google Home voice assistant that can drive a meaningful conversation and ask personal as well as follow-up questions.


Stockholm is considered to be one of the loneliest citizens on earth with more than 20%, or as many a quarter of a million, living in unwanted loneliness. This greatly impacts their health with one of the highest rates of depression, early stage-dementia and suicide as a direct consequence. The brief was to continue to build on Stockholm Exergi’s long-running social sustainability strategy “Together We Make Stockholm Warmer, For Everyone”. They wanted to create awareness and put unwanted loneliness on the agenda and spark conversations by inviting Stockholmers to share their yet untold life stories, that otherwise would be forgotten.

Describe the Creative idea / data solution (20% of vote)

250.000 people live alone in Stockholm many of which live in unwanted loneliness. This impacts their mental health and wellbeing, and might lead to depression, accelerate early stage dementia, and suicide. We wanted to help Stockholm Exergi change this situation, as they’re known for its social sustainability work by “Making Stockholm Warmer, For Everyone”. After 2 years of research on Natural Language Understanding we created the world’s first innovation to save stories via smart speakers. We overcome challenges with creative technical solutions. We turned speakers into Memory Lane agents by reversing their native engineered capabilities – a unique mechanism of a decision tree. Memory Lane is a proactive conversationalist by generating personalized decisions. We programmed smart speakers to drive conversations while recording its audience. We enabled them to save, store and produce summaries of the conversations by tapping into the latest advances in Generative Artificial Intelligence. While linking extractive and

Describe the data driven strategy (30% of vote)

What if a Google Home or Alexa voice assistant could do all the asking instead of the opposite, as it has been until now? With Memory Lane, we created the world’s first conversational artificial intelligence by reverse engineering a voice assistant. It can drive meaningful conversations and ask personal questions, enabling life stories and memories that otherwise would remain untold forever. Project Memory Lane also generated the world’s first co-authored books as well as the world's first podcast between man and artificial intelligence. The patent pending Memory Lane solution is at the core a combination of storytelling between artificial intelligence helping humans to tell their life stories and making sure they can be shared to the rest of the world.

Describe the creative use of data, or how the data enhanced the creative output (30% of vote)

By using a smart speaker device, we’ve collected stories through vocal interactions. The data was stored and leveraged to create Memory Graphs, a data structure based on hierarchical taxonomy where information is represented as nodes (key words) and edges (emotions/interactions). In order to generate a story, the Memory Graph extracted key information and summarized the data, leveraging Extractive and Abstractive neural network. The patent pending technology of Memory Lane allowed us to automate a story creation, manifested in the world’s first co-authored book between human and AI. Meaningful stories have been printed from this data extraction and hierarchization system, resulting in emotional books and podcast experience. The data journey: Data collection from user voice when interacting with a smart speaker Transcription of the voice into

List the data driven results (20% of vote)

Memory Lane has resulted in the world’s first podcast series, where our voice assistant has conversations with people that share their life stories and memories. The podcast is found on These conversations also generated the world’s first books, co-authored by artificial intelligence and the participants of the Memory Lane Project. The books are shared with the participants as well as internally at Stockholm Exergi and externally with customers and partners to create project awareness. They are a manifestation of how we together can make Stockholm a warmer, more socially sustainable and inclusive city. To reach a broader target and increase the awareness, we also made documentation that has so far resulted in videos and social media assets. This has generated goodwill and PR impact for the project.