Category B01. Brand-led Education & Awareness
Entrant S-GROUP Helsinki, FINLAND
Media Placement CARAT Helsinki, FINLAND
Production TROLL Tampere, FINLAND
Production 2 OTTO PRODUCTION Helsinki, FINLAND
Additional Company SOK MEDIA Helsinki, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Jyrki Poutiainen TBWA\Helsinki Chief Creative Director
Joni Furstenborg TBWA\Helsinki Associate Creative Director
Martta Kallio TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Lauri Gran TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Sami Kelahaara TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Carl-Erik Mosander TBWA\Helsinki Art Director
Taneli Mattelmäki TBWA\Helsinki Client Service Director
Nina Immonen TBWA\Helsinki Account Manager
Hanna Karlson TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Anna Lahikainen TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Ville Rutanen TBWA\Helsinki Graphic Designer
Mika Sylvin TBWA\Helsinki Creative Producer
Sini Teppola TBWA\Helsinki Copywriter
Anni Tammenaho TBWA\Helsinki Account Manager
Jenni Tuunainen TBWA\Helsinki Account Manager
Joonas Vähäkallio TBWA\Helsinki Designer
Teija Järvinen SOK Media Head of Marketing Operations
Susanna Gustavson SOK Media Head of Marketing Science and Metrics
Annikki Rosander SOK Media Producer
Veli-Pekka Ojamaa Carat Finland Strategic Planner
Juha Halmesvaara Carat Finland Media Innovations Director
Kaisa Rissanen Carat Finland Account Manager
Janne Lehtinen SOK Media Head of Marketing Strategy
Lauri Toivonen SOK Media SVP, Marketing
Terhi Vaalavuo SOK Media Head of Digital

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The campaign used a spread of different media to drive our key message, S-markets promotes diverse eating. The message and creative idea were the same in every media used, with variations made to best suit the chosen media.


In 2019 more children suffer from eating disorders than ever before. Unknowing parents and nutritionists push these kids towards specific diets. This commonly becomes a cycle of futile trials burdening the child both physically and mentally. S-market is Finland’s largest supermarket and they wanted to take make a strong statement on healthy eating. Our approach was something completely different in the traditional category. Our brief was to promote kids and teens healthy and versatile eating. Our goal was to raise awareness profiling S-market as the first destination for diverse eating.

Describe the creative idea

We wanted to change how families perceive nutritious eating. Instead of drawing a strict line between healthy and unhealthy, we wanted to steer families towards the core of a balanced diet – eating diversely. We announced that it’s ok for kids to have your chocolate ones in a while as long as you have a balanced diet. For S-market, healthy eating is diverse eating.

Describe the strategy

S-market wanted to change the attitudes and behavioral patterns of parents that had kids with eating disorders. Instead of going tighter into specific diets we encouraged them into a more human deliberating diet celebrating diversity. As Finland’s largest supermarket they had the power and the social responsibility to act towards a behavioral change. Our target audience were families with kids. Our strategy was to move from preaching to making hundreds of content promoting diverse eating in all of its forms. The tone of voice and visual identity were a lightyear away from traditional heathy eating ads and tied the campaign to the store. Our goal was to differentiate S-market from the competition in every way possible.

Describe the execution

We told stories about diverse eating through our Eatmagination crew who worked as messengers of the campaign. The Eatmagination crew were animated ambassadors for kids’ every nutritional need, Fiber, Protein, Carbs and even sugar. If you disregard any one of them, there’ll be a hell of a brawl. The campaign started with massmedia. Then we took over thought leadership of Diverse Eating on social media. The stories continued with monthly harvest-season -films, where the animated messengers inspired to taste the harvest-season’s favorite food. We made plushies of the characters making them more relatable and tools for struggling parents encouraging their kids towards diverse eating

List the results

In only 10 weeks the peoples attitudes changed. Before Eatmagination campaign only few per cent of people linked healthy (6%) and versatile (7%) eating to S-market. After the campaign 41% of parents linked healthy eating; and 26% versatile eating to S-market. Half year after the initial campaign we made up follow up study which showed the KPI’s were still increasing. In January 2019 over 60% of parents linked S-market to children’s healthy eating. S-market was also seen as an author of versatile and healthy nutrition. Something that would never been possible before Eatmagination. According to Nielsen S-market sales increased over 3% in 2018. People loved the character so much that the plushies disappeared from S-markets in record speed. All this by changing the viewpoint, creating inspiring characters and telling the story of balanced versatile eating via compelling animation. But most importantly, we started the conversation of children’s healthy nutrition.