Category A04. Nutraceuticals
Entrant ARENA MEDIA Barcelona, SPAIN
Idea Creation ARENA MEDIA Barcelona, SPAIN
Media Placement ARENA MEDIA Barcelona, SPAIN
Production ARENA MEDIA Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
David Pueyo Arena Media Client Transformation & Strategy Director
Robert Hernández Arena Media Transmedia Planner
Gabriela Dominguez Arena Media Transmedia Account Director
Xell Rovira Arena Media Transmedia Account Manager
Jael Grau Arena Media Transmedia Manager
Noemí Lombardo Arena Media KAM
Tamara Shboul Arena Media Community Manager
Lidia Fortuny Arena Media Precision Manager
Anna Martín Soler Arena Media Planning Executive
Gemma Arnella Gomez Arena Media Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Mothers today are under big pressure. People believe they have the right to comment on their parental decisions. It’s hard enough to be a mother, and even more, having to endure the opinions of others. Through this campaign we made mothers experience the insidious pressure but a the same time they were able to experience solace. embraced their fears and contradictions, with no judgments or impositions and empower mothers to trust in what they already have inside: their maternal instinct. It's a movement that starts with mothers but spreads to all society.


Enfamil is the highest-rated and most widely baby formula in the world. But in Spain, there is poor consumer awareness and their advertising focuses solely on the product and the babies. In order to stand out, we decided to break away from the category; to be the first brand to focus its message on mothers rather than babies. To ally ourselves with women at the most critical time of their lives.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

After extensive research, we discovered an insight shared by breastfeeding and bottle-feeding mothers alike. All mothers have felt judged, making them feel powerless and unsure about their decisions. So we created the first mothers’ manual. A manual that brought together advice from mothers, fathers, grandmothers, relatives and friends, on how to be a supposedly perfect mother. The challenge was to find advice they agreed on. The result was 300 blank pages, so that mothers could write down their own experiences and make their own parenting decisions.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Mothers and pregnant women are social networks. The strongest ones. So, we focus on them to be our brand’s voice. Our brand ambassadors. The challenge was that they didn't know us yet. So, we had to be very insightful. If we found the right insight, they would spread the message and share it with their relatives and friends. Because you trust another mother better than a brand. After some research we realized that millennial mum was very different from other generation. We need to talk to them in a very special way. A way no other brand had done before. We don’t tell mums what to do, because they already know their baby needs. We want to empower mother’s maternal instinct. To ally with all mothers.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

The manual became a tool to empower mothers. We printed a manual that we share with key opinion leaders which also could be downloaded from our website. The media strategy was to turn the manual into an audio-visual piece, which was shared in a paid-for campaign and via influencers, and which we adapted to different formats so it could go viral through the target market’s principal channels: WhatsApp and Instagram.

List the results (30% of vote)

It was the women themselves who shared the content to raise awareness among their immediate circles. We achieved over 1,5M impressions through our ambassadors. During the months the campaign was running, the number of people signing up to Club Enfamamá doubled and even tripled compared to the same period in the two preceding years. In fact, the months of the campaign represent the period with the greatest number of subscriptions since the start of the year. Moreover, registrations of ‘Golden Window’ mums, the brand's highest-quality target, have increased by +90% with the campaign.