TitleGO ON
Category A01. OTC Medicines
Name Company Position
Elliot Harris Havas London Executive Creative Director
Dave Mygind Havas London Creative Director
Elliott White Havas London Copywriter
Wil Maxey Havas London Art Director
Anne Puech Havas London Business Director
James Johnstone Havas London Account Director
Kate Sheppard Havas London Account Manager
Louise Bonnar Havas London Head of TV production
Sarah Sharpe Havas London Producer
Debbie Regasa Havas London Assistant Producer
Fran Ellis Havas London Assistant Producer
Tilly Swan Havas London Strategy Director
Jenika Hadipour Havas London Strategist
Chantelle Begley Havas London Head of Strategy

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

Gaviscon traditionally focused on TV to reach the masses. To engage with a new younger audience, a different approach was needed. Integrated was the way forward – we met them where they needed us most, on the ground and in their digital world. We gave them solutions to heartburn beyond medication. We partnered with Youtube chef Max Halley, creating pH-neutral food which we toured across UK festivals. OOH directed people to where we were, and drove awareness near their favourite haunts. And, when they googled symptoms, we served them digital content, showing how to conquer heartburn through our Night Labs.


We discovered an opportunity to capture a new generation of heartburn sufferers. It wasn’t our classic 55+, it was millennials…and we’d never spoken to them before. We discovered that heartburn was striking at the tender age of 23, often at night, due to late night revelry – food, booze, lack of sleep. Gaviscon has always talked to the older generation, but that wasn’t appealing to this new audience. They thought we were old, dusty, medical. Not for them. We didn’t look the part and we certainly weren’t speaking their language. Research showed that 75% of consumers stuck with the first heartburn treatment they used, so the mission was clear: get them to recognize their symptoms as heartburn, and to treat with us. To do this, we needed to rebrand Gaviscon specifically for this audience. We came alive at night, and went from pink and teal… to neon.

Describe the creative idea

Heartburn shouldn’t stand in the way of a great night out. We’re going to do everything in our power to keep heartburn levels down, when and where you need it. With Gaviscon Double Action, we’re on hand to keep the good times rolling. So you can Go On.

Describe the strategy

We found this audience was plagued by two heartburn triggers; eating fatty foods and eating late at night. This was our in. We could meet them in the middle, where their passions and triggers collided; on a night out. Too often, nights on the town would be dampened by the pain of heartburn, striking after a delicious (and probably fatty) meal or late-night snack. We became a facilitator of the good times, letting them enjoy their experiences without the downside of heartburn tarnishing their enjoyment. We allowed them to Go On with their night.

Describe the execution

First, we popped up at major UK festivals, giving out pH-neutral food to help keep heartburn away. We used neon OOH to direct party-animals to our activation and showed off our tour on social feeds across the nation, raising awareness of heartburn and our Go On campaign. Digitally, we launched the Gaviscon Night Labs content series to entertain our audience with ridiculous food inventions to help keep heartburn at bay. These inventions ranged from a fast food flavoured gobstopper… to a fat-free, fast food flavoured frozen yoghurt. Delicious. And to reward everyone for watching this content, viewers could win real life inventions straight from our Night Labs. This is a long-term brand platform that allows us to keep talking to our audience when and where they need us most. Watch this space for more uninterrupted nights out and experiments ahead.

List the results

This campaign smashed our targets • 1 in 3 are now more likely to purchase Gaviscon after seeing our campaign. • 10% increase on the ‘Brand for me’ metric (when we started from 0) • With over 4 million views, this is our most talked about campaign with both industry press and consumers • We over-delivered on click-through rate by 22% Most importantly, we got our audience enjoying their nights out, without the pain of heartburn. We got them, to Go On.