Category A02. Applied Innovation
Name Company Position
Federica Ariagno Auge Communication Executive Creative Director
Giorgio Natale Auge Communication Executive Creative Director
Williams Tattoli Auge Communication Creative Director
Corina Patraucean Auge Communication Art Director
Alessandro Dore Auge Communication Art Director
Federico Anelli Auge Communication Copywriter
Antonio Mitra Auge Communication Copywriter
Sergio Nava Kleemotion Technical Director
Andrea Radaelli Kleemotion Technical Director
Lorenzo Ronzoni Kleemotion Technical Director
Daniele Fumagalli Kleemotion Technical Director

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

We have projected and developed the first machine capable of shred, melt and turn plastic into a filament for 3D printing through a single production process, to create a limited edition of 1000 recycled plastic records from discarded plastic. Suono Positivo is the project that transforms recycled plastic into music. The records perfectly work and the process can be a future solution to substitute vinyl in the records production.


Nowadays the problems caused by disposable plastic are known by everyone. That’s why the ice cream brand Sammontana at the Jova Beach Party, the summer tour organized by the popstar Jovanotti on the Italian beaches, has decided to reduce the environmental impact through the recycling of plastic.

Describe the idea

Suono Positivo is the project that transforms used plastic into music. We have projected and developed the first machine capable of shred, melt and turn plastic into a filament for 3D printing through a single production process. So we created a limited edition of 1000 recycled plastic records with an exclusive version of the latest single "Nuova Era", recorded directly at the Jova Beach Party. The records were numbered and individually packaged in a special sleeve, made of recycled plastic and they were sold exclusively online. The proceedings went to WWF.

What were the key dates in the development process?

Here's a brief timeline that explains the project stages that Auge Communication, in collaboration with Kleemotion, has developed: FROM 11TH TO 25TH OF APRIL --> FEASIBILITY STUDY. The activity concerned the design of the machinery production flow, the analysis to derive a musical record using a FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication) 3D printer and the compatibility of the material to be recycled with the production systems. FROM 25TH OF APRIL TO 25TH OF MAY --> MACHINERY PRODUCTION. Once the feasibility study was defined and approved, construction of the machinery began. The machinery production flow includes the supply and the grinding of used plastic, the melting of the chopped material and the creation of a filament by extrusion and finally a 3D printer with FFF technology. The result of this process is a virgin PLA record, which will be hot-pressed to record the track. During this month we did several production tests on the machinery, in order to have a continuous production flow, managing to obtain a consistent production. The Fiberforce company, specialized in the production of filaments, supported us to be able to obtain a filament suitable for the production of records. As for the recording of the track, we did many tests in order to obtain a relationship between time and temperature that would allow to have a high quality sound. FROM 6TH OF JULY TO 30 OF AUGUST --> 1000 RECORDS PRODUCTION This phase involved the production of a thousand records derived from the recovery of used plastic. SEPTEMBER 2019 --> PATENT Industrial patent deposit, linked to the production process and to the related recycled material. CONCLUSIONS "Suono Positivo" can be defined as the result of a research project, which can turn into an industrial project, capable of creating new objects starting from "waste", in a single process.

Describe the innovation / technology

We have studied and built the first machine capable of shred, melt and turn plastic into a filament for 3D printing through a single production process. The machine was designed and built by Kleemotion, an Italian company at the forefront of 3D printer design. For the first time, all the steps necessary to make a fully functional recycled plastic record (not vinyl) have been condensed into a single process: • The used plastic (PLA), after being washed and dried, is shredded into small parts. • The fragments are conveyed inside a fuser which, thanks to a worm screw, creates a slurry which is thick but more or less homogeneous. • This dough is pushed by the same worm screw inside a nozzle to make a filament. • The filament, entering the head of the 3D printer, is deposited on the matrix that presents in relief what will become the groove of the track. • Once the this process is ​​completed, the record and the matrix are placed under a heated press, so as to guarantee the complete adhesion / incision of the track.

Describe the expectations / outcome

Many have responded to the initiative - from Jovanotti fans to those who simply care about the environment - and in a short time the operation has reached hundreds of thousands. The proceedings went to WWF.