Category A02. Applied Innovation
Product/ServiceMODERN PCS
Name Company Position
Melisa Álvarez El Corte Inglés Head of Strategy
Susana Ugidos El Corte Inglés Content Strategist Manager
Miguel López El Corte Inglés Content Manager
Ramón Sanchiz El Corte Inglés IT Category Marketing & Sales Manager
Roger Casas-Alatriste El Cañonazo Transmedia CEO El Cañonazo Transmedia
Vicky Vasán El Corte Inglés Directora creativa ejecutiva y de arte
Luis Alcázar El Cañonazo Transmedia Creative Director
Victor Linuesa El Cañonazo Transmedia Creative Team
Irene Mairata El Cañonazo Transmedia Interactive Creative
Alberto Matas El Cañonazo Transmedia Creative
Sandra Serrano El Cañonazo Transmedia Creative
Cristian Liarte El Cañonazo Transmedia Director de servicios al cliente
Laura López El Cañonazo Transmedia Directora de cuentas
Manfredi Giannoni El Cañonazo Transmedia Producer
Jesús Cuesta El Cañonazo Transmedia Post Production

Why is this work relevant for Innovation?

PC Experience is a 360º branded content campaign developed around an involving, exciting and innovative experiential event: a technological escape room. Even with the best sales assistant help, buying a PC is not a very exciting experience. On the other hand one of the funnest and more engaging experiences that you can have as a team is playing a Escape Room game. That is the reason why El Corte Inglés decided to use innovative technology to create a new user experience to bring the audience closer to the brand


⅓ of the consumers don’t know what PC to choose, 79% don’t interact with the computers when they are in the store and 60% of the buyers are not satisfied with the purchase as they chose a computer that didn’t fit their needs. People change their computers approximately every 5 years and there are huge new developments that a lot of potential consumers do not know. Then, our main goals were to position the new category of Modern PC in these spaces: El Corte Inglés: Personalized service, knowledge and experience in the PC world. Top of mind for a shopping place for Modern PC. Communicate and educate the consumer on their advantages. Microsoft and Intel Modern PCs: Best in class software and hardware: Slim and light computers. Excellent autonomy and battery life SSD Hard Drive Ultra fast processors

Describe the idea

PC Experience is a 360º branded content campaign developed around an involving, exciting and innovative experiential event: a technological escape room. The campaign was divided in three phases: 1. Acquisition: Through different actions aimed to create awareness, visibility, and expectation for the main event and to generate continuous engagement so the public could have a memorable experience. 2. Development: produce a live event where consumers could get a first hand experience and learn about the features of the computers in an recreational way. Use the event to also show these features to the retailer’s technology sales team to enhance their preferences and increase the prospect of sales. Speed Connectivity Ultra Thin Design Windows Ink Intel Optane Memory Light Design SSD Disk Performance 3. Closing: to achieve purchase consideration, helping the consumer find what PC meet their needs better in and educational and entertaining way

What were the key dates in the development process?

6th December 2018 - 16th December 2018

Describe the innovation / technology

As we have explained before, PC Experience is innovative technological escape room as an exciting and innovative experiential event Components: Innovation lab, where consumers - target 18 to 40 years - and El Corte Inglés’ technology sales team experienced first-hand the innovations of the latest PCs. Under the premise of living innovation from within, participants went inside a latest generation computer to beat one challenge: they had 30 minutes to escape by solving 8 mental challenges. Each of them associated with one of the PC’s newest features. Teams: 2 to 6 players. Two teams for each session. 15 “ Onboarding 30 “ Play time Photocall and Product Showroom. Narrative. Teams went through a “light tunnel” to the PC inners. Running against time and helped by the Game Master and the El Corte Inglés Innovation Experts, each team has to solve the 8 challenges on 30 “ time. The faster will be the winner.

Describe the expectations / outcome

PC Experience was promoted through owned, earned and paid media, using gamified creativities: 1. Acquisition and awareness: Outdoor Giant Screens - Callao Mini-games and a Teaser Video distributed in social media Contest: the influencers Topes de Gama, as brand ambassadors, challenged their followers to to compete against them in the escape room and win a computer Gamified invitations sent to the press, escape-room gamers and lifestyle influencers 2. Engagement Core Experience: Technological Escape Room. A raffle to encourage user generated content. Results: Callao’s digital screen: +1 million impacts Press conference: +43 millions impacts Social Media: +7 million reach, +600.000 Sales Team Training: 100% satisfaction, intention of prescription: 98’7% Influencers: 903.291 views in Instagram Stories, 6.668 total engagement. Press attendance to the event: 82.107 impressions, 70.424 reach, 15.275 engagement. Total Media Value ROI: 466.400 € Event