Entrant CVI Kortenberg, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Naïm Baddich DDB Brussels Creative Director
Dieter De Ridder DDB Brussels Creative Director
Frederic Zouag DDB Brussels Art Director
Nicolas       Gaspart DDB Brussels Art Director
Sven Verfaille DDB Brussels Graphic Designer
Benjamin Hiffe DDB Brussels Designer
Quentin Maryns DDB Brussels Account Director
Pascaline Van de Perre DDB Brussels Account Executive
Philippe Gerin DDB Brussels Strategy
Brigitte Verduyckt  DDB Brussels TV Producer
Marc Paeps Paeps Marc Paeps Photographer
Yelle Vandenbruaene The Living Room Retouches - Designer
Philippe Gerin DDB Brussels Strategy

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

The Withstand the Strongest Arms campaign for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles consisted of different phases which reinforced each other. The activation, together with the online videos, the radio commercials and the out-of-home campaign helped Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to install a new tone of voice, to differentiate itself from the competition and to reach its different objectives.


Once every two years, the Brussels Motor Show for Professionals takes place. This event is a big deal for car brands with a professional offer. No less than 40% of their annual sales is reached in just one month. You would think car brands will do their utmost best to stand out. Yet, they all join the shouting contest about who has the best features.

Describe the creative idea

Since working in construction is not for sissies, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles wanted to approach its audience with a distinctive tone of voice. We tapped into the macho culture of the construction industry in a humorously exaggerated way and challenged professionals to show off their toughness.

Describe the strategy

The target audience of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles exists of Belgian professionals, who are mainly active in construction. They can be construction workers, painters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, etc. We approached these tough men and women not by talking about the quality of the range of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, but by speaking their language, using recognisable situations, and letting these professionals experience the vehicles’ quality so they could judge for themselves. This consumer-centric strategy was crucial to the success of this campaign.

Describe the execution

Through a series of absurd online training videos, we invited professionals to the parking lots of the biggest DIY stores in Belgium where The Punching Door Tour took place. Participants had to fill in their email address, which gave them the opportunity to win duo tickets for the Brussels Motor Show, as well as a media budget of €5.000 to promote their business. If he or she punched the door hard enough, of course. Additionally, multiple radio commercials in the same, exaggerated tone of voice, as well as an out-of-home campaign made professionals aware of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ high-quality range as well as its conditions during the Brussels Motor Show.

List the results

The whole campaign was a smashing success. With 2.000.000 impressions on Facebook, 15% more traffic to our stand at the Brussels Motor Show and no less than 139% more sales compared to last year, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles proved once more that its range is by far the most solid choice for professionals.