Idea Creation DRAMA QUEEN Turku, FINLAND
Media Placement DRAMA QUEEN Turku, FINLAND
Name Company Position
Matias Mero Drama Queen Communications Oy CEO
Minna Koivurinta Drama Queen Communications Oy Account Director, partner
Veera Silvendoin Drama Queen Communications Oy Project Manager
Liina Komi Drama Queen Communications Oy Copywriter
Manu Suominen Drama Queen Communications Oy Art Director
Mari Palkén Drama Queen Communications Oy Art Director
Milja Henttonen Drama Queen Communications Oy Head of Insight & Communications
Noora Orlimo Drama Queen Communications Communications Consultant
Lotta Kivelä Drama Queen Communications Oy Communications Assistant
Stina Frimodig Drama Queen Communications Oy Copywriter
Juuso Suominen Drama Queen Communications Oy Copywriter
Laura Keski-Orvola Drama Queen Communications Oy Copywriter
Virpi Loukamaa Drama Queen Communications Oy Designer
Terri Vahtera Drama Queen Visual Designer
Taru Lehtinen Drama Queen Head of Media and Analysis
Essi Laakkonen Drama Queen Digital Marketing Strategist
Noora Fredman Drama Queen Communications Digital Concept Designer
Jukka Kokko Drama Queen Communications Oy Senior Developer
Juuso Saarinen Drama Queen Communications Oy Frontend developer

Why is this work relevant for Integrated?

100 Reasons to Travel in Finland was a phenomenal campaign powered by new kinds of co-operation and seamless integration of different channels, all working hard for the same purpose. The campaign of 2019 started with a background research and went on with PR and influencer collaboration to turn public opinion pro domestic travel. Advertising, social media presence and the campaign website made sure the audience found the right destinations. The result: domestic travel was the talk of the summer 2019 in Finland, the campaign site exceeded its objectives with flying colours, and the domestic accommodations grew by handsome 6,4 %.


Not so long ago, domestic travel was in trouble in Finland. The fragmented travel branch was stuck with tiny marketing budgets and unprofessional marketing traditions. The younger urban Finns hardly thought domestic travel as an option – the grass truly was greener on the other side of the border. To change the Finnish travel habits, Suoma (the Finnish organisation of regional travel organisations) had successfully campaigned since 2017. In the spring 2019 it was time to launch the 3rd season of 100 Reasons to Travel in Finland. As the results had been good already, the 3rd season had bold objectives. We wanted to: 1. Build a domestic travel phenomenon 2. Lead Finns to the campaign website for one million page views 3. Support local travel entrepreneurs throughout the country.

Describe the creative idea

Before we can describe our creative idea, we have to make a confession that hurts: Just a while ago our target audience had lost that loving feeling. Finland was quite uncool to us Finns, its symbols only embraced by old people or redneck nationalists – not young urban people of education and trend-setting potential. As we wanted to change that, we needed a creative concept that oozed what we decided to call “the Finn feeling of the new generation”. Finn feeling 2.0 included fresh, appealing travel photos and videos combined with a quirky tone-of-voice and witty modern taglines. With these simple creative choices we started to brand domestic travel anew.

Describe the strategy

Our target audience were the younger (20–40 years) urban Finns, who had developed a habit of travelling abroad without even thinking of domestic options. Our strategy was to influence them: 1. In multiple channels 2. With targeted messages 3. Moving the focus from paid to earned media Keeping the quest for a phenomenon in mind, we started by asking 1000 Finns about their attitudes towards travel – to learn that our target group was actually ready for change. Good news! The season started with big media hits on the research results and continued with journalists and influencers sharing their love for Finland. As the campaign went on, our PR fueled the debate from different angles, offering arguments on climate change and economics as well as tips for fun-lovers. After all the earned media, the role of advertising was just to lead people to the campaign website to pick their destination.

Describe the execution

• Implementation: Campaign was launched with effective PR that created hype around domestic travelling and supported by strategically targeted advertising. Advertising built awareness about the 100 Reasons to Travel in Finland brand and guided people to inspirational travel destination content. • Timeline: The background research was conducted in February 2019. PR started in April 2019 and continued until September 2019. Campaign time was from 1st of May until 30th of September 2019. • Placement: Campaign’s marketing was conducted in these channels: Online film: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, programmatic video Programmatic Display campaigns (Finnish premium medias), Google Display Network Social media ad posts: Facebook, Instagram Audio ads: Sanoma media Radio channels Native article ads: www.rantapallo.fi/ Search engine marketing: Google Influencer marketing: http://aamukahvilla.fi/ Aamukahvilla blogger’s social media accounts • Scale Campaign’s media investments (190 000 €) were divided into brand level marketing (40 %) and travel destination marketing (60 %).

List the results

Media kept campaign messages in the headlines for the whole summer – rising phenomenon was a popular topic in all media from national morning TV to financial newspapers and lifestyle magazines. Earned media reached every Finn 12 times. • Page views on the website: 1,2 millions (from 5,5 million Finns) – the 1 million target was reached a month in advance • The number of Instagram followers: +303 % • Domestic hotel accommodations: +6,4 % (May-July 2019, source: Statistics Finland) • Campaign’s online videos were super popular: 10 % of all viewers watched the whole video (total views 12,8 millions) • Impressions in Facebook: 1,55 millions • Likes/comments in social media channels: 90 000 • Shares in social media channels: 3300