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Category B01. Websites / Microsites
Idea Creation INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Production INSTINCT Moscow, RUSSIA
Production 2 ZBRSK Chelyabinsk, RUSSIA
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Instinct team: Nikolai Fabrika / Roman Firainer & Yarosalv Orlov / Evgeniy Golovan / Timur Abdyusheev / Anastasia Gorenshtein / Victoria Vysotskaya / Maxim Demkin / Victoria Nurislamova / Ilya Kulesh Instinct / ZBRSK Digital Production / IKEA Russia / IKEA Russia stores Instinct team: Creative Director / Chief Creative Officers / Creative Group Head / Art Director / Junior Copywriter / Art Director / Senior Digital Art Director / Digital Art Director / Digital Design


IKEA traditionally is the leader in home furnishing by the level of brand awareness. And IKEA understands how people live and how they want to live in a household. Living situations are based on common family structures globally, rather than the age. And this living situation is different for each of the country. CAMPAIGN OBJECTIVES • Activate IKEA as an enabling brand go to experiential level in communication • Give our new and existing customers a tool and ideas for better life at home • Highlight affordability of IKEA solutions • Give the sense of variety and diversity of IKEA solutions • Increase traffic and depth of IKEA.ru visits highlight solutions that lack spotlight form a habit of searching for more options introduce users to the shopping list feature • Use owned and earned media to activate existing customers and attract new clients.

Describe the strategy

INSIGHT: I want an idea, an advice on how to make my life at home better. Not a glossy catalogue image but more like a tailored solutions for my problems. BUT, I’m not sure I can do it myself. Designers are expensive and I’m not sure if friends are a good help. CREATIVE IDEA: IKEA APARTMENTEKA - the online library of free interior design for public housing. REALISATION IN THE FRAMES OF SUGGESTED IDEA: • IKEA is ready to inspire with a variety of ideas and practical solutions to make life at home better for you and your family. • IKEA has the unique expertise in home furnishing solutions and knows every apartment, every room of Russian citizens. • Even for the typical apartment and room IKEA has the variety of ready-to-use solutions. • IKEA solutions are offered in different price segments and for different living conditions.

Describe the execution

IKEA APARTMENTEKA is the unique possibility to inspire a big number of people in Russia with the interior solutions from IKEA. We created the base of addresses in different cities. Using the typical building of housing. There are 336 series of housing. With the help of the information about the characteristics of apartments in each series (size, number of rooms, size of each room) we can maximally personalize the result of a search. IKEA designers created different interios per each of the apartment type. For the launch we had 37 design projects and now we had already 90 design projects. Now people living in public housing can find interior solution by the type of house, its address or the number of rooms. And this project can be a great tool also for the other countries with the same situation in public housing, for ex., Hong Kong, Poland, Sweeden, etc.

List the results

RESULTS: • Unigue visitors 1 565 000 • Page views – 37 538 000 • Avg. Sessions Duration – 9:53 • Number of Sessions per User – 17,80 • Total Media Reach – 13 000 000