Short List
Category E04. Real-time Response
Entrant ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ACNE Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Johan Bello ACNE Executive Creative Director
Tiago Pinho ACNE Senior Creative
Isaac Bonnier ACNE Art Director
Joel Lindblad ACNE Copywriter
Lovisa Friman Bendz ACNE COO
Anders Kylberg ACNE Photographer
Morten Kjaer IKEA Creative Hub Creative Director
Louice Alvarson IKEA Creative Hub Assignment Leader


IKEA is a democratic company. This also applies to their design philosophy - that the company calls democratic design. A philosophy of enabling function, quality and design at a reasonable price. Our goal was to let more people know this.

Describe the strategy

In order to get more people to understand what democratic design entails, we began to hijack ongoing events and discussions online. With inspiration from internet humor, we identified trends and talked to our customers in their internet-based languages. In this way, relevance was created independently of purchased media.

Describe the execution

The execution was a set of posts on Social Media. They borrowed the tone of voice of internet humor phenomenons and hijacked ongoing topics and discussions. This meant that they were a perfect fit into our customers feed, since our communication was aligned with whatever trend was going on at the moment. Thanks to their relevance, the posts quickly spread organically.

List the results

In total, all posts had an effect on: Earned media:> $9 200 00 Impressions: 1.04 billion Interactions: 3.02million Mentions: 83K