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Category E01. Use of Integrated Media
Product/ServiceS7 AIRLINES
Idea Creation TUTKOVBUDKOV Volgograd, RUSSIA
Media Placement TUTKOVBUDKOV Volgograd, RUSSIA
Production TUTKOVBUDKOV Volgograd, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Dmitry Tutkov TUTKOVBUDKOV Chief Creative Officer
Natasha Kuchishkina TUTKOVBUDKOV Art Director
Sergey Polyakov TUTKOVBUDKOV Account Director
Oleg Barinboim TUTKOVBUDKOV Creative Director
Konstantin Novochadov TUTKOVBUDKOV Account Manager

Why is this work relevant for Media?

The aim of this S7 Airlines campaign was raising awareness of the raging wildfires in Siberia — and engaging people in combating the threat it posed to the Arctic circle and the Earth itself. In order to achieve this, several media were involved: 1. Rebranding of the airline itself by sacrificing their name 2. A country-wide OOH campaign that promoted the ecological problem in Russia 3. A digital platform to crowdsource the funds to replenish Siberian forests Each of these stages included numerous steps using multiple channels.


In Summer 2019, over 15,000 square miles of Siberia was engulfed in flames — one of the largest wildfires on Earth in recent history. While the whole world was watching, the Russian media reported nothing, and no relief operation was put in place. S7 Airlines, Russia’s largest private airline, was established in Siberia and was known as Siberia Airlines in 1992 - 2008. This time, it couldn’t stay away and had to take action: 1. Raise awareness of the wildfires in the country where everybody refused to talk about it. 2. Empower people to contribute to a solution.

Describe the creative idea / insights (30% of vote)

We rebranded S7 Airlines back to its original name, Siberia Airlines — but this time, to break the state-wide silence on the matter of Siberian wildfires in Russia. By announcing their new slogan, 'We Are Siberia', S7 Airlines got to make a bold statement via the media and unite Russian people around a common problem: acknowledging and helping Siberia. In a reality where Arctic circle is melting because of the wildfires in Amazon and Siberia, everyone on the planet is a part of Siberia — and needs to take action. We all, indeed, are Siberia.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The Web and the Western media were buzzing with the news of the Siberian wildfires — the Russian state media were not. We made the news by rebranding to Siberia so suddenly and so aptly. When Russia's largest airline announces that it has to be called Siberia from now on, this piece of news was impossible to ignore. We specifically targeted and hacked the media, so it would say the word 'Siberia', although it was implicitly denied by the government. We hacked the airports, too, by renaming one of the global airlines to Siberia — thus ensuring that every plane, airport display, boarding pass, and airport announcement had the word Siberia in it, the biggest ad for the Siberian wildfires ever. Over 1,000 billboards and digital screens were planned to display 'We Are Siberia' message which were given S7 Airlines for free under social good consideration.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

On August 1, S7 Airlines changed its name back to Siberia on every level of communication, including airport announcements, in-flight communication, boarding passes, social networks and its web hub. A special paintjob was commissioned to paint an S7 airplane with the Siberia branding and a Siberian pine on its tail. On the next day, S7 Airlines announced #WeAreSiberia campaign — the airline’s pledge to turn each ticket sold in and out of Siberia into 1 new tree. Accompanying that, a website was launched that crowdsourced donations from people around the world. By donating their own money or S7 miles, people ensured more trees to be planted in Siberia. To promote the website, S7 placed ads directing audiences to their website. Over 1,000 billboards and digital screens displayed the message: We Are Siberia — let's plant 1,000,000 trees together. In an unprecedented move, the media placement was done for free.

List the results (30% of vote)

The word 'Siberia' dominated the Russian news in August 2019, with 15,000,000 USD in earned media. We’ve started an important conversation with over 320,000,000 outreach. Volunteer applications to plant trees in Siberia increased 3 times. The initiative was backed by UNILEVER and other global brands (including Yandex and Tinkoff Bank) that donated a part of their proceedings towards the cause. The airline fundraised for 1,000,000 trees to be planted in Siberia over the next 3 years. More than 50% came from donations from #WeAreSiberia website. We showed how the brand can initiate a movement.