Silver eurobest Award

Demo Film

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Category D03. Limited Run Promotional Items & Printed Media
Entrant MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Idea Creation MARCEL Paris, FRANCE
Media Placement BLUE 449 Paris, FRANCE
Production 2 ADF L’ATELIER Paris, FRANCE
Production 3 PRODIGIOUS Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company CENTRE POMPIDOU Paris, FRANCE
Additional Company 2 MSLGROUP Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Benoit Parayre Centre Pompidou Director of Communications and Public Relations
Catherine Guillou Centre Pompidou Director of Audience engagement and Education
Marc-Antoine Chaumien Centre Pompidou Assistant Director of Communications and Public Relations
Cécile Venot Centre Pompidou Chief of Audience Engagement
Paul Mourey Centre Pompidou Head of digital
Elodie Vincent Centre Pompidou Chief Press Officer
Aurélie Jourde Centre Pompidou Assistant Chief of Audience Engagement
Isabelle Danto Centre Pompidou Video Production Manager
Chloé Tournès Centre Pompidou Social Media Manager
Catherine Legoux Centre Pompidou Executive Assistant
Agathe Bousquet Publicis France President Publicis France
Pascal Nessim Marcel CEO
Charles Georges-Picot Marcel CEO
Anne de Maupeou Marcel CCO Publicis France
Youri Guerassimov Marcel Executive Creative Director
Gaëtan du Peloux Marcel Executive Creative Director
Antonin Jacquot Marcel Copywriter
Clément Sechet Marcel Art Director
Aurélie Halbmeyer Marcel Art Director
Arnaud Raquin Marcel Motion
Blandine Mercier Marcel Partner
Noëlla Neffati Marcel Account Manager
Claire Sioufi Marcel Project Manager
Jeanne Philippe Marcel Project Manager
Nicolas Levy Marcel CSO & Managing Partner
Julien Petit Marcel Social Media Manager
Romain Jouffriault Marcel Social Media Manager
Catherine Helfenstein Publicis Conseil PR
Leila Touiti-Rose Marcel PR
Bethany Catterson Marcel Linguistic Consultant
Paul Vanlerberghe Marcel Front-End Developer
Edouard Danesse Marcel Technical Project Manager
Guillaume Talvas Artisans du Film Director
Valéry du Peloux Artisans du Film Producer
Nils Runiet Artisans du Film DOP
Niels Benoist Artisans du Film DOP
Pierre Bernier Artisans du Film Camera
Frédéric Ouziel Artisans du Film Camera
Valentin Verrier Artisans du Film Sound
Nadia Moussa Artisans du Film First Assistant Director
Laura Fague Martin Artisans du Film Production Coordinator
Maxime Maujan Artisans du Film Camera Assistant
Guillaume Talvas Artisans du Film Editing
Cécile Valente Artisans du Film Editing Assistant
Thibaud Colignon ADF L’atelier Post-Production Supervisor
Charli Masson ADF L' ATELIER Sound Mixer
Johan Tür ADF L’atelier Colorist
David Makima ADF L' ATELIER Music
Suzanne Pereira Dias Marcel Producer
Nathalie Turmel Marcel Producer
Mathieu Andrieu Marcel Model Maker
Aurélie Halbmeyer Marcel Photographer
David Verduci Prodigious Retoucher
Pascal Crifo Blue 449 CEO
Julie Emberger Blue 449 Head of Digital trading
Théo Ravel de Fereirolles Blue 449 Social Media Strategist
Fouad Hachani Blue 449 Head of Brand Activation
Carmelle Basset-Chercot Blue 449 Endorsement & KOL
Clément Leonarduzzi MSL CEO Publicis Consultants

Write a short summary of what happens in the digital or ambient execution or campaign.

"Souvenirs de Paris" consisted in creating statuettes of the Pompidou Centre, and selling them in the middle of the "real ones" to exaggerate the fame of the Centre... and thus convince the tourists of its unavoidable character.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The Pompidou Centre is an exception in the landscape of major French museums: unlike other similar institutions such as the Louvre or Orsay, its share of foreign visitors is lower than its share of local visitors. In 2017, 3.37 million people visited the Centre: 40% are foreign tourists, and 60% are French. The ratio is almost the opposite for the other major museums in the capital, which have become must-see tourist destinations.