Category E02. Ambient Outdoor
Product/ServiceSECTOR ALARM
Idea Creation ÅKESTAM HOLST Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Hugo Wallmo Åkestam Holst NoA Art Director
Petter Nylind Åkestam Holst NoA Copywriter
Magnus Jakobsson Åkestam Holst NoA Creative Director
Sara Clewemar Åkestam Holst NoA Account Director
Camilla Ryttare Åkestam Holst NoA Account Manager
Henrik Sjödin Åkestam Holst NoA Planner
Anna Tanser BKRY Agency Producer
John Müllersdorf Stream Nordic Lighting
Nisse Axman BKRY Motion Designer
Isak Lindberg Con Leche Films Director

Write a short summary of what happens in the digital or ambient execution or campaign.

The target audience of Sector Alarm is house owners in metropolitan areas. We decided to get as close to them as possible. By turning the actual house of an existing customer – located on a hill in one of the largest residential areas in Sweden – into a huge outdoor ad, we made our message become their neighbour. Literally. When the family living in the house activated the alarm, two large neon sigs were lit, accompanied by more than 10 000 LED-lights. One large sign saying “We’re away for Christmas”, and a second one pointing at the entrance saying “Nobody home”. A new kind of testimonial, using the actual house of a customer, and an unorthodox Christmas decoration lightening up the neighborhood during the holidays with a clear message, promoting the non-worrying effect of being a customer of Sector Alarm. Right next door to our target group.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Sector Alarm is the runner up on the Swedish home alarm-market, and has with their #NoWorries concept a different take on home security, focusing on the non worrying effect of having a home alarm rather than using scare tactics as their competitors do. December is the darkest month of the year in Sweden, and when many leave town to celebrate Christmas elsewhere, it becomes a holiday for burglars as well. So for the Christmas campaign 2018 we wanted to take the concept to the next level – but our budget was limited, less than €20 000.

Explain how the work innovatively used the outdoor medium.

It’s outdoor turned next door. We made our message move in and become the neighbour of our target group (house owners in metropolitan areas). A constant reminder of the non-worrying effect of having a home alarm, right on the other side of their plot boundary.