Category F02. Challenger Brand
Product/ServiceSIMPLE FEAST
Entrant ANOTHER Copenhagen, DENMARK
Idea Creation ANOTHER Copenhagen, DENMARK
Name Company Position
Thorkild Bjerre Another Creative Director
Sofie Engelbrecht Simonsen Another Art Director
Kasper Østergaard Jensen Another Copywriter
Louise Ørbjerg Another Account Manager
Louise Ørbjerg Another Account Manager
Charlotte Kiby Another Final artist
Anders Poulsen Another xx
Morten Bengtsson Morten Bengtsson Photography Photographer
Morten Hershøj Another CEO
Anders Poulsen Another Art Director
Caroline Sandø Simple Feast Communications & PR manager
Robert Guenter Simple Feast Director of Marketing

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Simple Feast is a relatively new and unknown brand, trying to break grounds in pork nation, Denmark. Denmark is a pork and potato nation. The climate emergency has sparked disruption, yet hasn’t moved further than only 32% having 1 meat-free day a week. 2% are vegetarians. Challenging the core culinary tradition is a very touchy subject. It has driven polarisation and even creating regulations against the move away from pork as a staple food, e.g. making it mandatory for pre-schools to serve pork. Casper Christensen is a well-known TV personality and comedian, known as a “bad boy”, with big fancy cars and houses and a very meat-based diet. He’s recently become vegan. The billboards were placed over meat-focused restaurant chain, The Fire, who boasts itself of offering over 80 different meats. The restaurants are also placed in the most busy intersections in Copenhagen.

Please tell us about the challenger brand and how your campaign challenged / was different from your competitors

Simple Feast’s competitors are big national brands, either independant or distributed through big, national grocery chains and supermarkets. Their communication evolves around how much time you can save, by choosing to use meal-delivery services. It’s about the wholesomeness of the food and sourcing. Simple Feast is organic, and meat-free completely, and is driving a much bigger agenda. Competitors communication is done primarily on TV supported by social media activation.