Category A05. Media / Entertainment
Entrant ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production ANR BBDO Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Philip Westman ANR BBDO Copywriter
Gabriel Blidö ANR BBDO Art Director
Channa Rogsten ANR BBDO Planner & PR Manager
Maria Fager ANR BBDO Account Director
Giustina Guariglia ANR BBDO Account Manager
Adam Stark ANR BBDO Junior Art Director
Jacob Nathansson ANR BBDO Motion Graphics
Camilla Rosenzweig ANR BBDO Graphic Designer
Anna Celay ANR BBDO Strategic Planning Director
Daniel Eriksson AdOn Senior Advisor
Cecilia Ross AdOn Account Director
Jonathan Norén AdOn Planning & Insight Manager
Adela Vergara AdOn Digital Director & Advisor
Anna-Karin Wålarö AdOn Media Advisor
Lina Löfberg AdOn Media Planner
Yogita Deogan Audible Director, International Expansion
Kevin Addley Audible VP, Marketing and International Operations
Kenneth Harley Audible Sr. Brand and Communications manager Italy

Cultural / Context information for the jury

As a new player on the mature Swedish audiobook market, Audible needed to both identify their target audience and find a unique way to communicate with them. We figured that while the occasional audiobook consumer listens to bestsellers and crime novels in Swedish, the more dedicated and curious audiobook lover will be thrilled to explore Audible’s vast and deep catalogue in English. Hence: ’Audible. For the Curious Kind’. To identify curious Swedes and reward them for their curiosity, we designed a simple, yet disruptive OOH campaign centred on a set of mysterious words: Monkey heaven, Axehound and Animal Bath. By buying the unique AdWords, anyone who googled the words were rewarded with a free audiobook from where the specific word was derived. Using this mechanic, we introduced ourselves on the Swedish market in a charming way, while giving curious audiobook lovers an incentive to a sign up as Audible members.

Is your poster / billboard larger or smaller than a 6 sheet poster (1200 x 1800mm)?