Category D05. Special Build
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production SKYLTKONCEPT Gothenburg, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm CCO
Jens Welin NORD DDB Stockholm Senior Client Director
Jeanette Ytterman NORD DDB Stockholm Senior Client Manager
Johanna Björnfot NORD DDB Stockholm Client Director
Stina Nyberg NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Annie Leander NORD DDB Stockholm Client Mangaer
Tobias Bergenwall NORD DDB Stockholm Creative Producer
Jesper Andersson NORD DDB Stockholm Communications Planner
Lisa Ström NORD DDB Stockholm Planner
Petter Dixelius NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Joel Ekstrand NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Daniel Liljas NORD DDB Stockholm Graphic Designer
Luca Monterosso House Agency Edit, motion graphics, online
Christian Björnerhag NORD DDB Stockholm Grade
Denice Heurlin House Agency Post Producer
Christoffer Rönnblad McDonald's Marketing Director
Lisa Palm Danielsson McDonald's Senior Marketing Manager
Selma Felic McDonald's Sweden Marketing Manager

Write a short summary of what happens in the digital or ambient execution or campaign.

McDonald’s are Sweden’s biggest restaurant chain for electrical car charging – “the gas station of the future”. So we copied the most traditional of traditional gas station communication and put up permanent installations under the golden arches displaying the current price for charging, and the prices of Big Macs and Happy Meals, gas-station style.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

McDonald’s has charging stations at 55 restaurants in Sweden, making it the largest restaurant chain for electric car charging. In 2020 all of McDonald’s drive-thru restaurants in the country will double as charging stations.