Category F02. Challenger Brand
Product/Service2020 CATALOGUE
Entrant STV DDB Milan, ITALY
Idea Creation STV DDB Milan, ITALY
Production KAREN FILM Milan, ITALY
Name Company Position
Luca Cortesini DDB Group Italy Executive Creative Director
Gabriele Caeti DDB Group Italy Executive Creative Director
Samantha Scaloni DDB Group Italy Client Creative Director
Marco Zilioli DDB Group Italy Client Creative Director
Camilla Nani DDB Group Italy Copywriter
Elena Fontani DDB Group Italy Art Director
Davide Bergna DDB Group Italy Account Director
Azzurra Ricevuti DDB Group Italy Account Manager
Marco Mammino DDB Group Italy Strategic Planner

Cultural / Context information for the jury

We had to find a delicate way to deliver to all the national IKEAholics some terrible, TERRIBLE news: this year the IKEA Catalogue wouldn’t be delivered to their homes. And we did (kind of). By not giving it at all, by any means (and media) possible. Including nothing but strategic billboards, placed in Italy’s most inaccessible, unreachable and unnoticeable locations through an OOH media placement, carefully and thoroughly planned in order for people NOT to read our message and engage with the UnCampaign: the first campaign ever created to go unnoticed.

Please tell us about the challenger brand and how your campaign challenged / was different from your competitors

The launch of the IKEA Catalogue is the brand’s most important and exciting moment of the year, and the brand has always tried to create buzz around its release with big, bold, flashy campaigns. But this year, the IKEA Catalogue wasn’t going to be mailed to any Italian homes. We knew our customers wouldn’t be happy about it, so we had a challenge on our hands: we had to tell them, even if we didn’t know how. That’s why we decided to do the most (un)likely thing we could think of: we kind of didn’t tell them. With an unexpected, surprising and endlessly entertaining approach, resulting in the UnCampaign: the first advertising campaign created to go unnoticed on every possible media. Including OOH, which were placed in uncharted alleys and unreachable locations, off the beaten track and quite literally in the middle of nowhere.