Category E01. Standard Sites
Product/ServiceCORONA EXTRA
Idea Creation SERVICEPLAN Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement ISOBAR Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement 2 VIZEUM Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement 3 URBAN MEDIA Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Dimitrios Lemonias Serviceplan Strategic Planner and English Copywriter
Quentin Watelet Serviceplan Creative Director
Marc Thomasset Serviceplan Senior Art Director
Nathalie Strybos Serviceplan Senior Copywriter
Benoit Vancauwenberghe Serviceplan Strategic Director
Katherine Annoye Serviceplan Account Director
Jason Romeyko Serviceplan Executive Creative Director
Jordan Rubens Serviceplan Motion Designer
Sergio Menendez Serviceplan Graphic Designer
Benjamin Gaspart Serviceplan Graphic Designer

Write a short summary of what happens in the digital or ambient execution or campaign.

We created a space amongst the Brussels urban jungle to disconnect from the day-to-day stress. At 5 pm in the afternoon, when people started leaving work, a Corona billboard on one of the busiest streets of Brussels took a break, inviting people to do the same. The billboard tilted from a vertical to a horizontal position revealing a pop-up “Paradise” bar on which people could stand and enjoy a few Coronas. In the middle of the Belgian urban jungle, this 36m² horizontal Billboard Bar was the perfect invitation to unwind after a long day.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

The street on which the billboard was placed is amongst the busiest streets in terms of car traffic. The billboard's copy referred to the fact that Belgium is the 8th most Congested city of Europe. This observation is part of various stats painting a grim picture of Belgium that is contradictory to what Corona's imagery conveys. All of these insights led to the realisation that Brussels needed a break.

Explain how the work innovatively used the outdoor medium.

This work took a traditional medium we are all too familiar with and flipped it on its head. The Boulevard General Jacques in the city of Brussels is one where the majority of commuters pass by daily to go to work by foot, public transports, bicycle, or by car. For the first time ever, this idea transformed a usual 36m² placement into a more than unusual billboard with props, where people could actively take part in the experience rather than just looking at it passively.