Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Per Holmquist Jung Reltaions Creative
Daniel Åhlman Jung Relations Copywriter
Hanna Axelryd Jung Relations Project Manager
Michelle Wiström Jung Relations PR advisor
Anton Svensson Jung Relations Designer
Lisa Holmgren Jung Reltaions Producer
Robin Nyman Jung Reltaions Producer
Jonas Sevenius Jung Relations Strategic Advisor
Ellen Westöö Jung Reltaions Account Manager
Erik Thiman Jung Reltaions PR advisor

Why is this work relevant for PR?

With our concept SMÖR we have built trust and close relations with the target group as well as media and influencers. We had an earned media reach which exceeded the population of Sweden. We delivered a new angle in the on going conversation about food which in Sweden mainly have been about health and training or about super exclusive fine dining.


Arla Svenskt Smör (butter) had a hard time with bad sales and had lost its place in the conversation around food. As Arla is the category leader in the butter segment, our brief was to gain sell for the whole category. Arla wanted us to come up with an idea that would inspire people to use more butter.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We created the concept SMÖR (which means ”butter” in Swedish) A gourmet restaurant in the shape of a kiosk, under the direction of Swedish chef of the year winner Jimmie Eriksson. There, homey Swedish ingredients were transformed into fine dining dishes, with one thing in common: butter – and sold at the price of a pizza slice. SMÖR has been around for two seasons – once in a forgotten park in Stockholm and once in the shape of a rooftop rural allotment in the middle of Stockholm. Both times, visitors have flocked – and social media has been boiling with excitement and positive reviews. During eight weekends, eight thousand dishes has been handed out to over four thousand visitors – and the recipes has found their way to hundreds of thousands Swedish kitchens.

Describe the PR strategy (30% of vote)

Lately, the conversation around food has been taken over by healthomaniacs on one hand – and influencers instagramming menus that cost a fortune, on the other. And every day enjoyment has been put in the corner. Also, butter has lost its natural place in the conversation – and the butter sales have dropped. So, Arla and Svenskt Smör needed to remind people that enjoying food simply for the sake of great flavor is totally ok – and that great food doesn’t have to be more expensive nor harder to cook than adding som butter.

Describe the PR execution (20% of vote)

We produced press material including a press release, seven recipes and press imagery. We invited top tier media and influencers to a casual lunch in the sun to get a preview of SMÖR the day before the official opening. We treated them with gift vouchers for them to re-visit the restaurant the coming weekends (they sure did!).
 We also sent out personal gift vouchers to chosen journalists and influencers that were not able to come to the event. Instead they had the chance to visit SMÖR at a suitable time during the four weekends to come. The gift vouchers was a great success, generating plenty of visits and social media spread from the restaurant. Chef Jimmi was proud as a peacock of his gourmet kiosk and started to build the hype weeks before the re-opening.

List the results (30% of vote)

The reviews was exclusively good! Total media reach: Over 13 000 000. (Swedens population is 10 000 000) Editorial social media and influencers reach: 600 000 Since the first opening of SMÖR: + 2,6 % in sales + 6 % in penetration The butter recipes has found their way to hundreds of thousands Swedish kitchens. People hasn’t just paid attention to SMÖR. They have actually paid money to take part of marketing – and spent hours in the company of a brand. And they have done it with a smile on their lips.