2019 Print & Publishing


Product/ServiceORIGINS BLEND
Category A01. Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Idea Creation BOB THE ROBOT Helsinki, FINLAND
Production BOB THE ROBOT Helsinki, FINLAND
Production 2 GARRIGOSA STUDIOS Barcelona, SPAIN
Name Company Position
Riku Eteläkoski Bob the Robot Creative
Juha Nikkilä Bob the Robot Creative
Anu Igoni Bob the Robot Creative Director
Kaija Rossi Bob the Robot Head of Client Group
Antti Saarela Bob the Robot Account Manager
Anttu Brück Bob the Robot Graphic Designer
Tuomo Killström Bob the Robot Graphic Designer
Tuomas Lahtinen Bob the Robot Graphic Designer
David Watzstein Carrigosa Studio Producer

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Finnish Paulig is over 140-years old and a billion-dollar company known for its range of quality coffees, available in the Finnish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian and Russian markets. Paulig Origins Blend is a premium coffee series for demanding coffee drinkers, people who usually gravitate towards small-batch artisanal roasters and handcrafted coffee products. Our task was to create a new marketing concept and to communicate the superior taste of the product variants that introduce diverse taste nuances from the most interesting coffee countries of the world. We wanted to introduce the real “maker” of the Paulig Origins Blend coffee – the soil. Much like wine, the soil has an enormous impact on the flavor of the product. The soil and the farming location became the main stars of our campaign. Every soil has its own unique flavor that we wanted to showcase.

Translation. Provide a full English translation of any text.

“Jokaisella maalla on oma makunsa” translates roughly to: ”Every country has their own flavor” but the Finnish word “maalla” has a double meaning: it translates to not only the country but also the soil. Translations: Indonesia Every country has their own flavor Spicy notes from Indonesian hillsides. Tanzania: Every country has their own flavor The flavor of berries from the dark red soils of East Africa. Colombia: Every country has their own flavor A nutty flavor from the Andes