2019 Print & Publishing


Silver eurobest Award Campaign
4 of 5 Campaign
Category A04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Idea Creation OGILVY GERMANY Frankfurt, GERMANY
Additional Company DEUTSCHE BAHN AG Frankfurt, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Dr. Stephan Vogel Ogilvy Germany Creative Chairman
Bjoern Bremer Ogilvy Germany Chief Creative Officer
Peter Roemmelt Ogilvy Germany Executive Creative Director
Simon Oppmann Ogilvy Germany Creative Director
Sinya Horwedel Ogilvy Germany Art Director
Hendrik Frey Ogilvy Germany Art Director
Axel Tagg Ogilvy Germany Art Director
Francesca Pinheiro Ogilvy Germany Copywriter
Holger Schupp Ogilvy Germany Copywriter
Roland Stauber Ogilvy Germany Account Managemet
Florian Bader Ogilvy Germany Account Management
Sandra Nowak Ogilvy Germany Account Management
Magdalena Bulle Ogilvy Germany Art Buyer
Inessa Babkovich Ogilvy Germany Graphic Designer
Karina Dunayevska Ogilvy Germany Graphic Designer
Lea Theismann Ogilvy Germany Graphic Designer
Joachim Becker Ogilvy Germany Picture editing
Alex Pfaff Ogilvy Germany Director Creative Services
Mienny/E+/ Marco Bottigelli/Moment Freelancer Photographer
Felix Kayser/ Carlos Lima Freelancer Photographer
Mike Mareen/Istock/Getty Images Plus/ Hanhanpeggy Freelancer Photographer
Jonathan Kantor Studio/Digital Vision/ Martin Diebel Freelancer Photographer
Erin Butler/ Mike Krosman Freelancer Photographer
Antje Neubauer Deutsche Bahn AG Head of Marketing & PR
Oliver Schmidt Deutsche Bahn AG Advertiser Supervisor
Markus Faelsch Deutsche Bahn AG Advertiser Supervisor
Pia Schmitt Deutsche Bahn AG Advertiser Supervisor
Dr. Thomas Kemper Deutsche Bahn AG Advertiser Supervisor
Sophie Vizethum Deutsche Bahn AG Advertiser Supervisor

Cultural / Context information for the jury

72% of Germans spend their vacation abroad. How do we get them to also consider traveling in Germany by train with Deutsche Bahn? Simply by showing that it doesn’t make sense to spend lots of money on flying. Because one can have basically the same experience by taking a train for only 24 Euros. In Germany. The idea is surprisingly simple: A side-by-side comparison. On one side we show the most beautiful travel destinations from all over the world. On the other side look-alike destinations in Germany. But there is one huge difference: The cost of travel is often up to 1,000 Euros higher. Not a big surprise with the super saver tickets of German Rail.