Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Idea Creation LDV UNITED Antwerp, BELGIUM
Media Placement INITIATIVE MEDIA Hoeilaart, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Dennis Vandewalle LDV United Creative Director
Dries De bruyn LDV United Creative Director
Julie Vanderbeck LD United Art Director
Matthew Lootens LDV United Copywriter
Dimitri Mundorff LDV United Client Services Director
Julie Oostvogels LDV United Account Director
Ghizlan Afasi LDV United Account Manager
Innie Tran LDV United Account Manager
Jef Raeman LDV United Strategy Director

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio execution or campaign.

We hear a stationary car in the rain with the windscreen wipers on. The radio is playing. The voice-over describes, as a little voice in your head, how the driver is sitting there waiting for his daughter who is in the club. Dark thoughts arise while we hear club music: what is she doing now, is she just drinking a coke there, why is she not here yet, she should have been. Various what-if scenarios take place. But actually, the driver is just waiting. We hear the daughter get into the car, the driver says nothing about his dark thoughts. He is happy that his daughter is back safe and sound.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

In Belgium, 'Father's Day' is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of June. A day to honour every dad. This year Father’s Day was on the 9th of June. So we broadcoasted our radio commercial during the night before and baptized it Father’s Eve.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

Look at you, sitting there in your car with your hair all messed up. Half dressed, half awake in the middle of the night. You’re waiting for your precious teenage daughter outside some dodgy disco called ‘The Sweatshack’ or ‘The Meat market’. Just you and your radio while gaggles of underdressed, giggling teenage girls high heel past you towards the entrance of the club. Dark thoughts run through your head. Who knows what's going on in there? SFX: A pumping beat starts up in the background Who knows how many happy hours have come and gone? SFX:DJ’s siren sounds DJ: BOTTOM’S UP! God knows there might even be a special theme tonight. DJ: Wet T-shiiiiiiirt contest It seems like yesterday, your little angel was asking you to tie her shoelaces. Man: Of course darling. Now, she’s in there asking the bartender for Girl calls out to the barman: 5 rum and cokes please! She’s probably twerking as if she’s in some shady Puff Dizzy Dog video. And who knows at this very moment some little mini-macho prick is trying to do your daughter? Man: Hey, do you come here often? (VO Slightly agitated) No bro, she’s never coming here again! Go on, piss off! She’s already 7 minutes late. Your fingers nervously drum on the steering wheel. You look in the rear view mirror and stare yourself in the eyes. You’d really like to go in there now and give them a piece of your mind. The bouncer? What about the bouncer? (VO winds itself up as if he’s telling the bouncer) “Oye, this is my baby girl we’re talking about mate. Do you have a daughter? How would you like it if some toddler with more tattoos than a professional footballer is tainting her innocence with his snotty nose. You’d love to shout that out, wouldn’t you? Right there in the middle of the dance floor. (echoing effect) Through the DJ’s mic! …. But you don’t You just sit there in your car … waiting. SFX: Door opens Girl: Hi dad! Until your little girl arrives. Man: Hi sweetheart. Did you have a good time? And that’s why Mitsubishi wishes you, and all the fathers who wait countless hours in their cars for their partying kids, ‘Happy Father’s Eve’. Mitsubishi. Built for fathers.