Bronze eurobest Award

Demo Film

MP3 Original Language

Category B01. Use of Radio & Audio as a Medium
Entrant NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation NORD DDB Stockholm, SWEDEN
Media Placement OMD Stockholm, SWEDEN
Additional Company MCDONALD'S Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Frida Siversen Ljung NORD DDB Stockholm Copywriter
Emelie Jinhee Johnsson NORD DDB Stockholm Art Director
Beata Mollberg Fagring NORD DDB Stockholm Client Manager
Laila Mörk McDonald's Marketing Consultant
Christoffer Rönnblad McDonald's Marketing Director
Lisa Palm Danielsson McDonald's Senior Marketing Manager
Andreas Dahlqvist NORD DDB Stockholm CCO

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio execution or campaign.

Podcasts have revolutionised the way we listen to radio: we can choose what we want, whenever we want it! This is probably why we feel extra annoyed when it suddenly stops for an ad break. As a result, a new behaviour has appeared: People quickly get up their phones and fast forward. As Swedens largest buyer of radio ads, McDonalds wanted to acknowledge this kind of ”hacking the system”. In the podcaster app you can fast forward 30 seconds. So we created an ad that was 40 seconds, that aired first in the commercial break. An ad that worked for those who tried to skip it. But awarded those who did not.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

Podcasts as a phenomena has skyrocketed the last years - and more than half of the Swedish population active podcast listeners (!). But even though the medium is highly modern, ads are presented in these old fashioned commercial breaks. McDonalds is also Swedens largest buyer of radio ads - that mostly consists of loud, tactical messages. So for the listener, they heard a pretty ”regular McDonalds spot” for an apple pie - or a McDonalds spot with a hidden gem.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

SCRIPT. MCDONALDS- AN OFFER YOU HAVE GOT TO HEAR. 40 SEC. ”HERE COMES AN OFFER FROM MCDONALDS YOU HAVE GOT TO HEAR!   …but unfortunately - most people have just fast forwarded 30 seconds. But not… you?
 - You are living in the moment…! 
Which might mean you have the ability to wait around for a hot…pie… So if you buy a McDonalds Meal, we´ll give you an apple pie! Just use the code pie123 in our app. Valid only today - and only for you, because this is an offer you have got to hear.
 Too bad for those who will join us again in a second, they will have to buy their very own… ….DELICIOUS APPLE PIE FOR ONLY 10 KR AT MCDONALDS!”

Explain how the work innovatively used the radio / audio medium.

A new behaviour has appeared due to the random (and annoying) commercial breaks in podcasts. People have basically become ninjas - where they quickly get their phone out from their pocket to hit the fast forward button. In the podcaster app, you can actually fast forward 30 sec. So we created an ad that was 40 sec, that aired first in the commercial break. An ad within an ad, that also acknowledged this behaviour.