Category C04. Casting & Performance
Idea Creation SERVICEPLAN Brussels, BELGIUM
Media Placement SERVICEPLAN Brussels, BELGIUM
Production SERVICEPLAN Brussels, BELGIUM
Name Company Position
Dimitrios Lemonias Serviceplan Strategic Planner and English Copywriter
Quentin Watelet Serviceplan Creative Director
Louis Roba Serviceplan Art Director
Jordan Rubens Serviceplan Motion Designer

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio execution or campaign.

This audio execution in the form of a rap song is actually a recruitment campaign. It highlights in a fun way the daily life of an advertising agency to get fresh graduates to apply to this agency. The song is written in French and English and shows the point of view of two interns and one full-time member of the agency.

Cultural / Context information for the jury

This recruitment campaign was made to promote 20Something, the Millennial and Generation Z department of Serviceplan. This team consists of student interns and fresh graduates. The members of this department are often called the Limited Editions, a term you will hear in the lyrics. The reason behind this term is due to the fact that they are only staying for a couple of months. The English verse also makes reference to the Check-In which is a meeting we start our Mondays to go through inspiring new projects in the world of advertising. The song also talks about Fat Friday which is a ritual we have at the agency whereby we eat junk food every Friday. We also mention in the lyrics clients we have in-house such as Jack Daniel's.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

[Intro] In advertising, you do not have to be talented, you have to have knowledge. And to have knowledge, it is necessary to be funny, and make jokes while speaking loudly. In advertising, we are poorly paid, so we play video games or foosball, rather than work. In advertising, we are not all badly paid. Some are extremely well paid, but we do not know who it is because everyone is busy playing video games or foosball anyway. [VERSE 1] A pair of creatives has arrived at 20Something, Two kids, new agency, no time for joking Now the demand is clear, making dope briefs And if you want Nerf darts, you'll have to barter At school, we mopped up on the benches now we are active, we went from the A4 to the whiteboard Our young and offbeat visions will make you dance on your head Go to the convenience store, grab Jack and Aiki and we'll be ready for your party We only bring out the best inspired by Master Splinter we are working; no more time for Tinder Work hard play hard put pressure we are sprinters Get in my belly Fat Friday is the day We're not interns were limited editions Coffee or red bull plus a bowl of creativity [CHORUS] 20 Something for another vision The agency is our weapon, we are the ammunition 20Something we the best indeed If you do not believe me A / B Test and see [VERSE 2] This is the return of the insane pair with the intense thoughts Because we landed on Brussels to compete with the full-time team Challenge their divergent ideas by stacking up briefs Hard to combine art and mind when you work with your friend Not always light bulbs, but we like to be under the spotlights We may be imitated one day given the pure creativity of our limited editions We would not be here if there was no problem to solve Since we're doing metaphors let's do a whole poem We live and breathe advertising when I read a magazine I only look at ads. [CHORUS] 20 Something for another vision The agency is our weapon, we are the ammunition 20Something we the best indeed If you do not believe me A / B Test and see [VERSE 3] God damn it’s Monday and it’s time for the check-in Inspired by what’s new, so the whole week I’m wrecking The advertising world With some advertising pearls Copywriting rhymes and words I welcome all of you boys and girls Welcome to 20Something Where we turn blah blah into bling bling They seek our expertise the phone goes ring ring Whether it’s the fixed team or the limited edition We understand Y so we marching on a mission It’s more than a job, come again, it’s our passion From accounts to graph designers, it’s a whole chain reaction Pitching ain't easy but it sure is fun When you eliminate the competition one by one Did you check the day? Well I guess it's FAT FRIDAY We the game changers and we just do this our way [CHORUS] 20 Something for another vision The agency is our weapon, we are the ammunition 20Something we the best indeed If you do not believe me A / B Test and see