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Category A04. Travel, Leisure, Retail, Restaurants & Fast Food Chains
Production STUDIO FUNK Hamburg, GERMANY
Additional Company DEUTSCHE LUFTHANSA Frankfurt, GERMANY
Name Company Position
Benita Struve Deutsche Lufthansa AG Head of Marketing
Claudia Dreismann Deutsche Lufthansa AG Head of Marketing
Fabian Frese Kolle Rebbe GmbH Chief Creative Officer/Copywriter/Director
Christian Meyer Kolle Rebbe GmbH Creative Director
Niklas Tremmel Kolle Rebbe GmbH Account Manager
Oscar Engelhardt Kolle Rebbe GmbH Copywriter/Director
Torsten Hennings Studio Funk Hamburg Audio Engineer/Director
Henry Sargeant Freelance Speaker
Vanida Karun Freelance Speaker

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Write a short summary of what happens in the radio or audio execution or campaign.

The good thing about a long flight: you can relax for a few hours. The bad thing about it: you are completely cut off from the outside world. Because on many transcontinental flights there is still no reliable WIFI on board. FlyNet, Lufthansa’s fast on-board WIFI, offers all passengers on long-distance flights the opportunity to be available at all times – even above the clouds. In this radio commercial we experience the human disasters that can occur on the ground, while the affected person in the air doesn't notice anything about them. A minute-by-minute time protocol gradually describes the events, that lead to a 16th birthday party finally having to be ended with riot tanks. Of course, the unsuspecting parents of the hostess don't notice anything about it on the plane. But when they switch on their smartphones after landing they realize that a lot can happen in 6 hours.

Script. Provide the full radio advert script in English.

Commercial: “Party” 6:35 Jenny Green’s Instagram post “#Finally16 #PartyAtMyPlace” breaks the 5000 likes mark. 7:04 The gas station down the street runs critically low on sparkling wine, hard liquor and king size rizla. 7:08 The five football teams from Chester High School skip the after-practice showers and head straight over. 8:42 Lively debate whether it´s possible to jump from the garage into the pool. 8:50 Neighbors report seeing flocks of naked teenagers on the roof of the garage. 10:09 Speaking only in unicornish, the school principal’s daughter refuses to leave the wardrobe. 10:40 #144MapleRoad is trending on Twitter. 11:05 Standing ovation when riot tanks break through the garden fence. 11:35 Mr. and Mrs. Green land and turn on their phones. They are greeted by 47 urgent WhatsApp messages from their daughter Jenny. (Off:) A lot can happen in five hours. With Lufthansa FlyNet, you don’t miss anything – even while above the clouds. Say yes to the world. Lufthansa.