2020 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Media Placement MEDIAPLUS Moscow, RUSSIA
Production ANTIDRAMA Moscow, RUSSIA
Production 2 FANCY STATE Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Jason Romeyko Serviceplan Group Worldwide Executive Creative Director
Ruslan Gadeev Serviceplan Russia Account Director
Olga Starichenko Serviceplan Russia Chief Executive Officer
Evgenia Arabkina Serviceplan Russia Executive Creative Director
Anastasia Boykova Serviceplan Russia Strategic Planning Director
Sergei Soin Serviceplan Russia Lead Account Manager
Andrey Artyushin Serviceplan Russia Senior Copywriter
Ksenia Golovina Serviceplan Russia Art Director
Anna Kuptsova Serviceplan Russia Junior Art Director
Anastasia Khizovets Serviceplan Russia Junior Art Director
Maxim Kazantsev Serviceplan Russia Senior Interactive Designer
David Khandamov Serviceplan Russia Junior Interactive Designer
Anastasia Gritskova Louder Head of Communications & Content
Maria Aleshina Louder Senior PR Manager
Daria Tarasova Louder PR Manager
Maria Bukina Mediaplus Digital Digital Manager
Pavel Tseytlin Fancy State Music Agency Executive Producer
Natalia Petrova Fancy State Music Agency Celebrity Management
Aleksandr Ivanov Fancy State Music Agency Producer
Maxim Golubchikov Fancy State Music Agency Producer
Oleg Fedorov Fancy State Music Agency Recording, Mixing, SFX
Aydar Sharipov Antidrama studio Director, Director of Photography
Igor Virabov Antidrama studio Director of the second unit
Evgeniy Disterlo Antidrama studio Operator Director of the second unit
Aleksandra Smirnova Antidrama studio Set Designer
Daniil Demidov Antidrama studio Editing Director
Andrey Borovkov Antidrama studio Color
Ilya Petrukhin Antidrama studio CG Supervisor
Ivan Oganesov Antidrama studio Creative Producer
Maria Gasparyan Antidrama studio Executive Producer
Valerya Yudina Antidrama studio Producer
Genadiy Zhen Antidrama studio Production Manager
Dmitry Tyklin Antidrama studio Production Assistant

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

When you record music, you need complete silence. That’s why you usually don’t find a lot of machinery in the studios - especially not washing machines. But to prove that their washing machines are as quiet as it gets, Miele turned a real working laundry into a recording studio and started recording tracks live while the washing machines kept working. After teasing the music community with a music video from a legend of Russian pop music, Miele invited everyone to test Laundry Records for themselves by recording their music there.


Miele washing machines are among the quietest in the market - and low noise level is the key purchase driver in the category. But this home appliance brand is still relatively unknown in Russia. So we needed our message about quietness to be very loud. The brand is premium and has high prices for the appliances, so channels with the biggest reach normally don’t work for our target audience.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Where do you need silence the most? In a recording studio. Where do you find a lot of washing machines? In a laundry. So we took a real working laundry and turned it into a recording studio. Laundry Records. A legend of Russian pop-music and a popular blogger Dmitry Malikov wrote a special composition for the project – “Keep Spinning”. And we recorded him playing it live in the studio. In the music video for the track, everyone could see the machines work right next to the musicians. Specially for those who doubted that the recording was for real, Miele opened applications for free recording sessions in Laundry Records. Musicians started coming in with their music, and we recorded every session and turned them into music videos. All the tracks were released as an album on all major music platforms to let everyone hear Miele’s silence.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

To reach our target audience of wealthy Russians we needed to create content that stands out, while staying premium and conservative. We chose a relevant celebrity and integrated our message into new content from him - a specially composed new track and a music video for it (which the artist doesn’t release as often). Then we made sure the news reached them by promoting the project in relevant press and digital editions, and made the track accessible on all the major music platforms - Youtube, Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Yandex.music. We increased the reach by inviting more relevant musicians to record in our studio and releasing music videos with them as well, making their fans join the buzz around Miele washing machines.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We found a laundry in a hotel’s basement that uses Miele’s washing machines and turned it into a recording studio. We rebuilt it in 7 nights, because the laundry was being used during the day. The washing machines kept working during every take. And our star even lent us his concert shirt to wash during the recording - and we released the detail later as an easter egg. We received hundreds of applications for free recordings and chose the artists most relevant to our target audience. They were invited to Laundry Records and recorded their tracks and music videos inside. So fans didn’t just get new music - they got a story and a proof of Miele’s quietness.

List the results (30% of vote)

Thanks to the unusual idea behind the content we got a lot of free PR from media that wrote about us - over 5,767,000 ₽ worth. The total OTS was 249,906,719 which is almost twice the population of Russia. The CTR of Malikov’s video was twice higher than the average, and a lot of people got interested in the project and submitted their application for the next stage. All of that just during the first week after launch - and the project is still going.