2020 Brand Experience & Activation


Category A07. Not-for-profit / Charity / Government
Entrant SMETANA Moscow, RUSSIA
Idea Creation SMETANA Moscow, RUSSIA
Production SMETANA Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production SMETANA Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company 2 ROSBANK Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Andrey Buzina Smetana СEO
Mikhail Vishnevsky Smetana Creative Group Head
Vladimir Zotov Smetana Art-director
Anton Cherkasov Smetana Head of production
Tatyana Grebenkina Smetana Account director
Kseniia Stepanova Smetana Account manager
Anastasia Kudryashkina Smetana Account manager
Natasha Abzalova Smetana Producer
Anastasia Zhilina Rosbank Head of Advertising
Anastasia Prikazchikova "Gift to an Angel" Foundation CEO
Valeria Travkina Working title Director
Andrey Maica Working title Director of Photography
Igor Sayfullin Working title Executive producer
Ekaterina Panasenko Working title Producer
Alexey Gorbunkov Alexey Gorbunkov Photographer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

We made a huge multichannel company to draw attention to problem of helping children with CP. ⠀ We united the whole country interactively - users, brands and influencers. Online and offline platforms were combined, so people could buy a hoodie and post photo in social net wearing it. ⠀ Brands could change their logos or use the font offline on their products or online (site, social net etc.)


Thousands of children with cerebral palsy diagnosis in Russia really need to get physical rehabilitation to write confidently, study and socialize. ⠀ In 2019 there were about 50 funds in Russia, helping to children with CP. ⠀ Meanwhile, there is barely any specialized social advertising to educate the general public about the challenges of children with limited mobility and writing difficulties. Moreover, Russia does nothing to commemorate the World CP Day. ⠀ Funds that help children with CP hold mostly small-scale events that do not allow them to raise public awareness of the existing problem and to encourage engagement. ⠀ The awareness of the Russian society about cerebral palsy as a medical diagnosis is quite low. People rarely provide support to kids with CP. ⠀ Objectives: to raise awareness about the challenges faced by children with CP and to inspire people for supporting them through donations for individual therapy programs.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

Children with CP very frequently suffer from impaired fine motor skills. Writing even one letter requires significant effort from children with CP. ⠀ To draw attention to this problem, we put together handwriting samples of 33 children with CP into one font (according to the number of letters in Russian alphabet). This is how the unique Font of Kindness emerged. Each letter represents a child with CP. ⠀ To promote the Font of Kindness and to ensure it meets its’ awareness-raising goal, we made it available for free on the World CP Day. ⠀ Every visitor of the project's website fontofkindness.com could download the font for free, donate, order merch with a custom caption rendered in the Font of Kindness and read the stories of 33 children — one for every letter of the Russian alphabet.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

TA: ALL 18–44. ⠀ For the World CP Day, we offered leading Russian and international brands to become our partners and to change their corporate fonts with the Font of Kindness in logos, slogans and other communications at their websites and in social media. ⠀ We engaged celebrities with a strong media presence. On the World CP Day, each of them told their followers about the project and posted a photo wearing an original Font of Kindness hoodie in their account in social nets. ⠀ The key of call to action was to lead users on project's website, where they could download the font for free, donate, order merch with a custom caption rendered in the Font of Kindness. ⠀ To tell more people about World Day CP, we released hoodies and t-shirts with individual Font of Kindness inscriptions.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We gathered handwriting samples of 33 children with CP into one font - the Font of Kindness. ⠀ In Russian language "The Font of Kindness" sounds like "Dobroshrift" and spelled “Доброшрифт”. ⠀ Project was released in Russia in October, 2019. The project is timed to the World CP Day. ⠀ The Font of Kindness was available for free downloading at the project’s website one month before the World CP Day. ⠀ We made video showing that there are thousands of words around us and explaining how hard it can be for a child with CP to write even one letter. ⠀ We also published additional materials (press release, videos, banner templates) at the project’s website one month before the launch. We released hoodies with individual Font of Kindness inscriptions.

List the results (30% of vote)

1.324.400.951 — media impressions.⠀ 30.000.000 — total reach of the project. ⠀ Just in one day the font spread all over the country — logos, avatars, music albums’ covers, TV-show covers, ads posters, carsharing, lottery tickets, masks in Instagram, memes, cases for smartphones, daily planners, wooden pins, fruit boxes. Even tattoos! ⠀ Over the first few days of the campaign, the number of Russian-language searches for “CP Day” in Yandex soared from 10 to 1,067,461. ⠀ 400+ brands used the Font of Kindness in their communications (including Ebay, AliExpress, KIA, Viber, Yandex, Lenovo, Motorola, Esquire, Сosmopolitan, GQ, National Geographic, Ozon, Mail, Kaspersky, Zenit etc.) ⠀ 100+ cеlebrities&influencers supported the project for free. 331 — publications in media. ⠀ 11.959.122 roubles — total amount of donations (on Feb,29th 2020). ⠀ 130 — children will get their years therapy or family help. ⠀ 10.000 — font's downloads. 50.000 — Instagram mask's downloads.