2020 Brand Experience & Activation


Short List
Category G06. Breakthrough on a Budget
Entrant RUPORT Krasnodar, RUSSIA
Idea Creation RUPORT Krasnodar, RUSSIA
Media Placement RUPORT Krasnodar, RUSSIA
Production RUPORT Krasnodar, RUSSIA
Post Production RUPORT Krasnodar, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Nickolay Andreyev Ruport Creative Director
Konstantin Zhukov Ruport Creative Director
Artem Zakharyan Ruport Copywriter
Ksenia Kantsurova Ruport Copywriter
Arina Shokareva Ruport Designer
Julia Plashinova Ruport Designer
Dmitry Sazonov Ruport Designer
Andrey Sidorov Ruport Web Designer
Ivan Makhotkin Ruport Motion Designer
Aleksander Manzhulov Ruport Motion Designer
Elena Limanenko Ruport Producer
Dmitry Kovalenko Ruport Brand Manager
Roman Levitsky Ruport Chief Executive Officer

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

Russian province is a hard place to start a business in. To support local entrepreneurs, we invited Elon Musk to the Delo Za Malim buisness forum in Krasnodar. We had placed a billboard right by SpaceX LA headquarters, with a QR-code leading to viral video invitation. Elon Musk replied to the video in Twitter and spoke at the forum by Zoom for free.


Everybody (at least in Russia) knows that the business environment in Russia is very tough due to complicated regulations, corruption, conflicting legislation and high tax burden. That’s why attracting people to entrepreneurship is not an easy deal. And the goal to increase number of registered visitors by 60% (from 12K to 20K) compared to previous year was very ambitious, especially with a very restricted  budget.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

We decided to show to people who are just thinking about or have already chosen an entrepreneurship as a main occupation that everything is possible – even Elon Musk can be a speaker at a local business forum in a provincial town. We wanted to use the fact of invitation as a point to get attention from aspiring entrepreneurs.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

The idea to draw attention of celebrities, through billboards established near house/work isn't new. Therefore we decided to make a musical video, at the heart of which was the melody of widely known song "Winged Swing” from the famous soviet television movie "Adventures of Electronic". The text of the invitation song was written in the exaggerated adorable key and performed by chorus of young entrepreneurs, was accompanied by an ironic video series and spoke about how everybody love Elon and all his business ventures, how everybody can't do without his wisdom and urged him to participate in a forum "... in person or by Zoom..." The task of this video was to cause tears of tenderness with a sincere fun at Elon Musk and his admirers  which he has enough worldwide.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

To force  Musk to take look at this video, we used on the billboard a transliteration of the widely known meme very popular in Russia “How do you like that, Elon Musk?”. Meme was already a sign to Elon and he reacted on it in Twitter, when it was used to demonstrate to him some crazy Russian innovations. Therefore on an electronic billboard, placed right in front of  SpaceX head office, we placed a large text "Kak tebe takoe, Elon Musk" near a huge QR code to a special landing page with this music video. It took only ten days from the idea  appearance to find and rent the billboard,  write down the music and a chorus, make a landing page, shoot and edit the video, having spent for all of it about  a $10'850.

List the results (30% of vote)

The advertising campaign got 576,793,808 media impressions and forum received more than 40,000 registered participants. It is a twice more than the goal for 2019.