2020 Brand Experience & Activation


Short List
Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Production SOLAB Paris, FRANCE
Name Company Position
Bruno Bertelli Publicis Italy Global CCO Publicis WW
Cristiana Boccassini Publicis Italy Chief Creative Officer Publicis Italy
Mihnea Gheorghiu Publicis Italy Global Executive Creative Director Publicis Italy
Thiago Cruz Publicis Italy Creative Director
Costanza Rossi Publicis Italy Creative Supervisor Publicis Italy
Dan Arango Publicis Italy Associate Creative Director Publicis Italy
Arthur Amorim Publicis Italy Associate Creative Director
Luca Villa Publicis Italy Designer Publicis Italy
Filippo D’Andrea Publicis Italy Account Director
Mirko De Martini Publicis Italy Account Executive
Monica Radulescu Publicis Italy Senior Strategic Planner Publicis Italy
Pierluigi Roselli Publicis Italy Head of Digital
Doina Tatu Publicis Italy Social Media Manager
Francesca Zazzera Publicis Italy Head of Production
Tania Dal Pra Publicis Italy Producer
Marcella Garutti Publicis Italy Art Buyer
Lou Escobar Solab Director
Nicolas Tiry Solab Executive Producer
Amine Ketem Solab Producer
Hunter Daly Publicis Italy Director Of Photography
Lucie Jeannot Solab Stylist
Candice Meiers Solab Casting
Samuel Ruffin Hendrix Solab Make-up
Javier Palacio Solab Hair
David Laurent Solab Set Design

Why is this work relevant for Brand Experience & Activation?

The campaign itself is based on an activation that offers a brand experience directly related to the product. In this case, a capsule collection made of PET recycled from plastic bottles that could be purchased exclusively in any recycling bin in the world. The activation guided the user during each touchpoint until the final purchase.


Diesel, known for provoking its audience with irony, and Coca-Cola, known for celebrating inclusivity, teamed up to create The (Re)Collection. A unique crafted capsule collection, made out of recycled PET from plastic bottles. We needed to launch the collection during Paris fashion week, where most fashion brands tend to present their collections in the most-exclusive Pop-Up stores. The aim was to create a global launch buzzworthy idea to highlight the collaboration between two iconic brands and the fact that the collection was made from recycled material.

Describe the creative idea (20% of vote)

While most fashion brands tend to present their collections in the fanciest most exclusive Pop-Up stores, Diesel did the opposite and invited people to get it from where it came from; the trash bins. We turned recycling bins in the street into exclusive Pop-Up shops. The only way to get access to a limited pre-sale was to access the Diesel e-commerce from a mobile phone, activate the device’s camera, and scan the bin’s recycling logo, which immediately gave access to a hidden site on DIESEL.com where the collection could be purchased.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Diesel needed to become relevant to younger audiences like Gen Z-ers. With over 62% of Gen Zers being willing to pay more for sustainable products, the new must-have criteria for brands were sustainability, purpose, and most importantly, how much their public discourse would be matched by actions. We chose to team up with the larger than life Coca Cola for their brand power, but as Diesel, we needed to enter the sustainability conversation in an unexpected way. The partnership resulted in a Diesel & Coca Cola capsule collection made of recycled PET from plastic bottles, aptly named the (Re)collection. We maximized a popular eco-trend – that of upcycling – but we approached it in the least consumeristic way possible. Instead of launching the collection in a trendy fashion store, the (Re)collection was showcased in recycling bins worldwide.

Describe the execution (30% of vote)

We developed a web app within Diesel's e-commerce that, connected to the camera of a mobile device, could read a wide range of recycling logos. To launch it we needed an event that could attract media attention by highlighting the use of the web platform. So, while most brands tend to launch their collections in the most exclusive Pop-up stores, Diesel did the opposite and transformed an exclusive experience into the most inclusive of all. That's why we decided to open the first "Bin store" in the world. A regular recycling bin that, when scanned through Diesel's e-commerce, redirected people to the exclusive site where they could buy the collection. We first launched it during Paris Fashion Week, then at the most important fashion events in Milan, New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and London. After this, people anywhere in the world could buy it just by scanning the nearest recycling bin.

List the results (30% of vote)

The campaign had an excellent performance highlighting: Reach: 25M IMPS: 110M Clicks: 600K SOV: 35,4 % Press Coverage: 175 EDITORIALS - 17 PRINT / 158 ONLINE Earned Media: € 2.710.263 Total social interactions: 3,7M ecommerce visits: 539K in the first month. ecommerce traffic: 48% increase. Mobile sales: 35% increase. Pre-Sale drop: SOLD OUT in the first week.