Creative eCommerce Eurobest Award

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Category C05. Cultural Insight
Entrant KLARNA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Idea Creation KLARNA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production KLARNA Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 2 DIKTATOR Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production 3 WE ARE YOURS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production DIKTATOR Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Julia Klyvare Klarna Creative
Amanda Lindgren Klarna Creative
Tina Bragfeldt Klarna Marketing Associate
Jesper Hellzen Klarna Visual Art Director
Cameron Thorne Klarna Copywriter
Pontus Gustavsson Klarna Designer
Calle Reimers Klarna Design lead
Sophie Burgoyne Klarna Marketing Associate
Rickard Berggren Klarna Content creative
Felix Eller Klarna Service Delivery Specialist
Leo Holte Klarna Marketing Manager
Mark Godfrey Klarna Marketing Manager
Mikael Vig Mangell Klarna Marketing Manager
Magnus Lindholm Klarna Head of Media
Christian Cabau Klarna Marketing Director
Daniel Jontén Klarna VP Marketing
Simon Jung Diktator Director
Sergej Israel Diktator Producer
Per Welén Diktator Executive Producer
Karl Wahlström We Are Yours Creative Technologist
Fredrik Stutterheim We Are Yours Creative Technical Director
Johan Lindgren We Are Yours Art & Motion Graphics Director
Jonas Stenqvist We Are Yours Producer


Situation: Sneaker shopping is a massive industry, estimated to reach a global value of USD$77Bn in 2020. Brief: How can Klarna - one of the world's leading fintech brands, with a mission to reshape the shopping experience and become the world's favourite way to shop - tap into the sneaker community in an authentic way? Objectives: Drive awareness and engagement within the (European) sneakerheads community, in a way that also generates spillover effects to the larger sneaker community (i.e. everyone who likes to shop sneakers).

Describe the creative idea (30% of vote)

Klarna created the world's first bot-free sneaker raffle, where people had to join with their actual heartbeat. We leveraged innovative BPM technology that uses the camera on smartphones or laptops to detect changes in color under the skin caused by the flow of blood. Those who took part simply held their finger to the lense on their device to prove they have a heart that beats for sneakers, and in just a few seconds we could tell if they were human or not. The drop (collection) consisted of the most hyped sneakers of the last decade, curated in collaboration with the sneaker experts at Highsnobiety. Following the raffle we launched a “Sneaker Deal Week”, using the same innovative tech but this time to create a gamified deals experience. Based on how much their hearts beat for sneakers, passionate shoppers could generate unique deals from Klarna’s best sneaker merchants.

Describe the strategy (20% of vote)

Data gathering: we conducted qualitative interviews with avid sneaker shoppers in the UK, Germany and Sweden, as well as 25 of our sneaker merchants, in order to find shopping related pain points. Primary target audience: Passionate sneakerheads in the UK and Germany Secondary target audience: Sneaker shoppers in UK, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium and Australia Tertiary target group: Businesses/brands selling sneakers, i.e. existing and/or potential Klarna merchants Relevance to platform: Sneaker lovers tend to be avid shoppers and thus valuable users for Klarna to acquire. Approach: Create a joyful and unexpected experience for sneaker lovers that clearly proves that Klarna elevates the shopping experience, and do it in an authentic way.

Describe the execution (20% of vote)

Phase 1, Tease: 29.06-01.07 We started to build hype by revealing the drop in collaboration with Highsnobiety and Sneakerhead influencers. Placements: - heartbeats4sneakers.com (countdown) - Highsnobiety editorial + social - Influencers - Paid social - Klarna owned channels - PR Phase 2, Engage: 02.07-06.07 We launched the Smoooth raffle that premiers passion over bots by only allowed humans with whose heart beats for sneakers to enter. We amplified engagement by collaborating with influencers from the sneaker community. Placements: - heartbeats4sneakers.com - Highsnobiety editorial + social - Influencers - Bought social - Klarna owned channels - Paid social - Online video - PR Phase 3, Scale: 07.07-13.07 We launched 'Sneaker Deal Week' to demonstrate at scale that Klarna offers the best sneaker shopping experience. Placements: - heartbeats4sneakers.com - Influencers - Klarna owned - Paid social - Online video - Display - Merchants

List the results (30% of vote)

650.020 visitors to campaign site during the 2-week campaign period 185.094 signups on campaign site during the 2-week campaign period 1m 54s average session duration on campaign site +700M earned impressions +75 articles featured the campaign +60% increase in traffic to participating sneaker brands (deal week) 41% increase in Klarna orders at participating brands (deal week) 26.7M impressions on Youtube +10.2% lift in brand awareness on Youtube +36% view rate on Youtube vs. average campaigns in the industry 57% of viewers on Youtube reached call to action, outperforming avg campaigns in the industry +90% impressions in Highsnobiety channels vs. benchmark +82% engagement in Highsnobiety channels vs. benchmark +520% CTR in Highsnobiety editorials vs. benchmark +107% engagement rate in our "sneaker ambassadors" social posts (IG Story) vs KPI +162% increase in likes on Klarna Instagram (2-week campaign period vs previous 2 weeks)

Please tell us about the cultural insight that inspired the work

Klarna's vision is to become the world’s favorite way to shop. We exist to elevate the shopping experience for avid shoppers, because in our world our things are just 'smoooth'. But when it comes to the sneaker community, which has gone from being a subculture phenomenon to an estimated $77 billion dollar global industry, the shopping experience often leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Particularly when it comes to online raffles, where the major issue is that bots are preventing the people who are most passionate about sneakers to get what they love. This issue has been a hot topic in the community for many years, both among shoppers and retailers, so we decided it was time to make the sneaker shopping experience in general and the sneaker raffle experience in particular, more smoooth. Sneaker passion should be premiered over the access to bots.