Product/ServiceMOGA TAM, ISKAM TUK
Category E09. Social Data & Insight
Entrant PROOF. Sofia, BULGARIA
Idea Creation PROOF. Sofia, BULGARIA
Production PUDDING Sofia, BULGARIA
Post Production PUDDING Sofia, BULGARIA
Name Company Position
Angel Iskrev proof. Creative Director
Petko Kolarov proof. Copywriter
Kristiyan Stefanov proof. Strategist
Radoslav Panev proof. Graphic Designer
Sava Ahmakov proof. Client Service Director
Sanya Stefanova proof. Account Director
Martina Misheva proof. Art Director
Toni Gradinarov proof. Account Executive


Over 900 000 bulgarian people work outside their home country. And in the last 10 years that number has doubled. This alarming statistic was posing an economic and demographic problem for all of Bulgaria. This is why one of the country's biggest employers, TELUS International Europe tried to change that with their recruitment campaign - "Moga tam, Iskam tuk". Due to that many companies in Bulgaria are facing shortages in their workforce. As a global brand, powered by regional talent, Telus International Europe took it upon themselves to bring back the bulgarian people who had left the country.

Describe the strategy

We looked at those who could have made a career abroad, but chose Bulgaria instead. Foreigners. Over 90 000 foreigners live and work in Bulgaria. For the last 10 years their number has doubled, too. We invited 50 foreigners working in Bulgaria, to tell us why they made that choice. Through them we wanted to show all the things worth appreciating about Bulgaria. We asked them just one question: "Why here?". The videos were precisely targeted to Bulgarians abroad. We used a programmatic algorithm to target foreign IP-addresses which have visited bulgarian websites at least 5 times in the last week. Each video was also targeted according to each user's interests. If you were discussing bulgarian cuisine with your grandmother, you received a Nigerian man telling you in bulgarian, how much he loves banitsa and mekitsi.

Describe the execution

We developed a special tool which linked our video database with a custom programmatic algorithm. For instance, when the algorithm had detected a bulgarian living in Germany, it sent out a signal to our database which showed them a video of a german person telling them how great bulgarian food is.

List the results

Our campaign reached national scope and was reported on by television, digital and print media outlets across the country with AVE: over 16 000 lv. The recruitment campaign became TELUS International Europe's most successful as it gained 650 000 impressions and over 500 applicant CVs. Currently, 10 of them came back to Bulgaria and are working at TELUS International Europe, not abroad. The applications are coming in.