Category D04. Brand Integration & Sponsorship / Partnership
Idea Creation JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Post Production JUNG RELATIONS Stockholm, SWEDEN
Name Company Position
Max Hafelt Jung Relations Creative & Client Director
Joel Sköld Jung Relations Creative & Advisor
Erik Thiman Jung Relations Junior advisor
Hanna Axelryd Jung Relations Project Manager
Marcel Karlsson Jung Relations Producer
Rebecca Holmgren Jung Relations Junior advisor
Calle Lindholm Jung Relations Advisor
Johan Svensson Svenska Spel PR Director
Lotta Westerberg Svenska Spel Communications Director

Why is this work relevant for Entertainment?

In Sweden, gambling advertising fatigue is record low, with 90% being negative towards gambling advertising. So, in order to reach a new target group, we utilized a sponsorship and created a campaign that doesn't look like advertising, and allowed Swede's to fulfill one of their biggest dreams – to join the national football team. This idea not only helped us cut though the noise, but communicate the brand message of what you can do if you win the Eurojackpot lottery in a whole new entertaining way, and connect with consumers in a way the brand never have done before.


In 2019, Sweden saw record levels of advertising fatigue when it comes to gambling companies: - Over 90 percent of Swedes are negative towards gambling marketing. - Fully 70 percent are positive to ban gambling advertising. - Only 1 percent believes that the gambling industry communicates in a credible way. When Svenska Spel’s lottery game “Eurojackpot” wanted to reach a target group of men 25-34 y/o, we needed to do something that would not even be perceived as gambling advertising, but instead communicate in interesting, relevant and entertaining ways – communication that the recipient actually likes and wants to partake of. Objectives: 1) Gain earned media reach in traditional media (in Sweden) of 3 million (Sweden’s population: 10 million). 2) To score at least 5 on a 9-degree liking scale within the target group. 3) Contribute to a 10 percent increase in sales in the target group

Describe the creative idea

Common to the target group is that they are interested in sports. They have different favorite teams, but there's one team they all support: the Swedish men's national football team. Svenska Spel is the main sponsor of the men's team, which gave us a unique opportunity to use this sponsorship to differentiate ourselves from our competitors, and create something that the target group is interested in and actually want to partake of. We based the idea on the insight that many witihin the target group have dreamt of playing for the national team, but lack the skills. Thus, we decided to give Swedish football fans an opportunity to make the team in a different way. As the first sponsor ever, we decided to give away Svenska Spel's main sponsorship of the national team for a day to a lucky fan.

Describe the strategy

The strategy was to showcase what you can do if you win the Eurojackpot lottery in an entartaining way. Most of the target group (men 25-34 y/o) have, at some point in their lives, dreamt of playing for the national team. However, the majority of them lack the talent and skill. But there's another opportunity to become a part of the national team. If you have deep pockets, you can, for real, buy yourself a spot on the team – as a sponsor. And if you win the Eurojackpot lottery, whose winnings reach up to 100 million Euros, you can even buy yourself a spot as the main sponsor – and thus play a significant role in the national team. To test our hypothesis, we conducted a survey which showed that two-thirds of all sports enthusiasts in Sweden actually would sponsor their favorite team if they won the Eurojackpot lottery.

Describe the execution

We created a job ad on Sweden’s biggest recruitment site, where we looked for a "main sponsor intern" for a day. Ten finalists were given a formal job interview, with the lucky intern taking over most of Svenska Spel's main sponsor rights, including Svenska Spel's logo on national team clothing, media space on the Jumbotron and LED screens at the national arena, as well as taking over marketing time usually reserved for general production of marketing materials (commercial shoot, photography, etc). With that time, the intern decided to have his two favorite players on the team tattoo his arm(!) We documented the tattoo session and used the content for the production of the winner’s takeover of media spaces at the national arena during the European qualifying match against Spain, content that appeared on the Jumbotron and LED screens around the pitch, which everyone watching on national tv got to enjoy.

Describe the outcome

Given the interest shown among the target group, the media and other sports enthusiasts, both in Sweden and internationally, we can clearly conclude that the campaign was one of the most successful ones in the history of Svenska Spel and Eurojackpot. REACH - Earned reach in traditional media of over 10 million in Sweden (target: 3 million). - Including international media, the campaign generated a total of 38 million in earned reach. - The job listing on the Blocket Jobs website got an astronomical 20,000 percent more views than the average listing ad. SALES - The campaign contributed to a 30 percent increase in sales among the target group compared to the week after the end of the campaign. Compared to the same period the year before, the campaign contributed to a 23 percent increase in sales among the target group (target: 10 percent).