Category A03. Durable Consumer Goods including Automotive
Idea Creation SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Media Placement PHD Moscow, RUSSIA
Production SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Post Production SEVEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Additional Company VOLKSWAGEN Moscow, RUSSIA
Name Company Position
Yury Samoylenko Volkswagen Russia Marketing Director
Ivan Volokh Volkswagen Russia Digital Manager
Diana Korobeinikova Volkswagen Russia Marketing manager
Emma Trifonova Volkswagen Russia Marketing Manager
Maria Smirnova Volkswagen Russia Brand Strategy and Communication team lead
Genrih Kagramanyan SEVEN Account Director
Liliya Valiulina SEVEN Senior Account Manager
Anastasia Sovashchenko Individual entrepreneur Anastasia Olegovna Sovashchenko Producer
Alexey Leybovich SEVEN Creative Director
Denis Bushuev SEVEN Creative Group Head
Anton Karkov SEVEN Creative Group Head
Nika Guseynova SEVEN Copywriter
Kirill Artemiev PHD Account Director
Daria Paroshina PHD Digital Group Head

Write a short summary of what happens in the film

The video is based on wordplay, as the two phrases, "All is predestined by your gender“ (Vsyo zavisit ot pola) and “All is predestined by(Volkswagen)Polo” (Vsyo zavisit ot polo), sound the same in the original. In Russian, the letter “o,” as in Polo, when unstressed, is pronounced the same as “a.” Hence the pun. The video begins by reminding the viewer of a contemporary burning issue: the notion that many things in a person’s life depend on gender. The voiceover lists several prominent gender stereotypes, but the video itself shows that things commonly associated with one gender are actually not alien to the other. With each frame, we are left wondering where it is going. The video ends with a final twist: the viewer realizes that the narration is not about gender at all. It is about the Volkswagen Polo. Regardless of gender,a lot in life depends on your car

Cultural / Context information for the jury

We realize that an international jury may not fully understand this video. But the relevance of gender stereotypes, its success in Russia, and the positive response from Volkswagen’s international office have encouraged us to submit it to the international competition. The video is based on wordplay, as the two phrases,"All is predestined by your gender“(Vsyo zavisit ot pola) and “All is predestined by (Volkswagen) Polo” (Vsyo zavisit ot polo),sound the same in the original. In Russian, the letter “o,” as in Polo, when unstressed, is pronounced the same as “a.” Hence the pun. The lines are based on double meaning: they describe gender stereotypes, but they are also expressions that highlight features of the upgraded Volkswagen Polo, such as rear view cameras, which allow drivers to rely less on the mirrors and park with less gear switching, as well as LED lights, seasonal tire changes, power, attention-grabbing design, and more